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Kay Voth
21-08-05, 20:40
I belong to the Inst. of Migration. I know when my relatives came to USA, but why do I only find some of them, and not all? For instance, Ture Nikoli Simonsson Stor, and Simon Simonsson Stor, and Johan Grann, Hermann Grann. Where else can I go to find the dates of departures from Finland. They all lived in Kronoby or Garmakarlby and others I've found got their passages through Vaasa Parish. I have tried various variations of their names, using just Stor, Simonson (one S), and Grahn, Gran, etc. Any suggestions as to where I can search.
Thank You. Kay

21-08-05, 21:48
If you know towns and states to which they emigrated, then local church records may give parish names from Finland.


June Pelo
22-08-05, 00:24

I have some of those names in my database:
Was Simon Stor married to Brita Broända, b. 1836 in Kronoby - Brita had a daughter Britta Britasdotter, b. 1865- went to Duluth 1888 and married John Andersson Murmästar.

Herman Leandersson Grann, b.1871, Kronoby to US 1890 and was married to Maria Carolina Carlsdotter Nyman, b. 1865, Karleby - they had 1 child.

Herman's wife was first married to his brother Matts Leander, b. 1861, d. 1896 in the US - To the US 1886.

Their brother Johan Henrik Leandersson Gran-Grant, b. 1867, Kronoby, d. 1952, Coos Bay, OR. To US ca 1888.

Some of my data may not be correct - it was given to me by Margaretha Sjöstrand.


Karen Norwillo
22-08-05, 00:50
I found this Stor on Ellis Island and it piqued my interest because of Kronoby. Torsten Stor from Kronoby Finland arrived 8 Nov 1923 on the SS Kungsholm. He is 16, going to his uncle Matts Simonson in Ramsey, Duluth, MN. He is a farm laborer. His mother is Johanna Stor in Kronoby. It would be much easier to search if I had an approx. age and when you think they emigrated. Karen

Kay Voth
22-08-05, 02:17
yes, Karen I have the Torstein Stor records, etc..the main one I am trying to find without any luck is my great uncle, Ture Nikolai Simonsson Stor (went by Thure Simonson here in Bandon, Oregon) who came March 31, 1921. His date of birth was 10-28-1891. I cannot remember where in Mn., Wi, or Mi he settled for a short while before coming here to Bandon, Oregon. He is listed in the 1930's census at that time. I do know he probably came in the mid 20's to Bandon. I think my cousin found in the Bandon census he said he came to USA in 1923,, so it could be '21-'23. I would think he came thru Ellis Island, but no record there. Some of the relatives I'm finding out came down thru Nova Scotia.The other missing one is his brother, Simon Simonsson Stor born 7-27-1869, came to USA 4-30-1889. He just seems to have fallen off the world someplace. declared dead in 1960, and some thought in Oregon. He no doubt changed his name. Their brother,, Anders Viktor Simonsson Stor changed to Victor Backlund in USA..I have his passport record of coming thru Ellis Island 1899. Since I have no idea if they attended any churches in Mn,Wi, or Mi, I have nothing to go on. Since Matts Simonsson did indead spend his entire life in Duluth, it is possible his brothers were in Parish also. I do have all the data that June Pelo has.

22-08-05, 07:27
Hi Kay,
Have you tried the new Castle Graden site?
CastleGarden.org offers free access to an extraordinary database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened. From 1855 to 1890, the Castle was America's first official immigration center, a pioneering collaboration of New York State and New York City. There are still 2 million early records to be entered into the database.The search range covers 1830-1913.

The site is searchable by just a first name or surname. Finnish people may appear as either Finnish or Russian and don't forget many people travelled using patronymics eg Ture Simonson (check all spelling variations) or Nikolai Stor or other name combinations.

Could Sture be a version of Stor?- refer following death entries.
Death Certificates of Finns in Clatsop County, Oregon,
circa 1905-1944
STURE, AUGUST -- Born Oct. 16, 1862, Finland. Died Jan. 20, 1921, St. Mary's Hospital, Astoria, Ore. Cause of death: peritonitis following performation of intestine. Usual residence Knappa, Ore. Husband of Ida. Farmer. Father: John Sture (b. Finland). Mother: Mary Lundstrom (b. Finland). Burial at Knappa, Ore.
STURE, JACOB -- Born May 1, 1855, Finland. Died Oct. 7, 1938, Knappa, Ore. Widower of Mary. Farmer. Burial at Knappa, Ore.

22-08-05, 07:57
Their brother,, Anders Viktor Simonsson Stor changed to Victor Backlund in USA..I have his passport record of coming thru Ellis Island 1899. Since I have no idea if they attended any churches in Mn,Wi, or Mi, I have nothing to go on.

Could this be Victors marriage ?
Oregon Historical Records Index Detail Information
Name Backlund, Victor & Gors, Sofia
Date 09-06-1909
Record Type Marriage
County Coos
Source Health
Identifier State Registrar

Information was found at Oregon State Archives Historical Records site.


If this is your Victor he can be found on the 1910 census in Sumner, Coos, OR.
Surname: BACKLUND Given Name: VICTOR A
Age: 33 |Sex: M |Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
County: COOS | Locality: SUMNER
T624-Roll: 1280 |Part: 1 |Page: 25 |Subpage: A
State: OR

June Pelo
22-08-05, 17:17
In K-G Olin's book "Egen lyckas smed", he has this:

Backlund, Victor A., 33 years, brakeman on the railroad in Sumner, Coos County in 1910 census. Married one year with Helena S., to USA 1900. (US-Census) 53 years old, lives in Bandon in 1930 Census (US-Census). Born in Kronoby 22 Nov 1876, died in Bandon 2 Mar 1966 (SFHS, Leading Star). See Anders Victor.

Backlund, Anders Victor, Marshfield, member of Lodge Suomi No. 1 (SFHS). Born Simonson Stor in Hopsala, Kronoby 20 Nov 1876, to USA 1900. Worked in woods in Minnesota. Married widow Sophia Hanhikoski, nee Grann, b. 1920 in Bandon near Coos Bay, invalided after motor accident, taken care of by children Rudy and Ruth, also brother Thure Simonson, died 2 Mar 1966 (Source H. Spikbacka).

Simonson, Thure Nikolai, b. in Hopsala, Kronoby 28 Oct 1891, brother to Anders Victor Backlund, to America 1922, lived in Bandon, worked for Moore Mill and Lumber Company, d. 1982 (Source K Voth).

You probably have all this info. I keep forgetting to check names in this book. There are about 10 Simonsons listed. Stor was sometimes listed as Stoor and Store.


Kay Voth
22-08-05, 19:54
Jeanette: Thank you for the marriage information for my grandparents. And also the 1910 census...that is why I never figured out when they came to Bandon, as I never knew they lived in Sumner (very close to Bandon). Of course they grandparents and my great uncle were a large part of my life. Also it explains that my g'parents were not married in Minnesota. Her first husband died in 1903, just shortly after her arrival with their son from Finland. Grandpa may have come to Bandon/Sumner and then asked her to come out here to be married. Their first child together was born 1911, died 1914. The other names mentioned from Astoria are not my relatives. Also Simon and Thure came after Castle Garden's dates. 1899, and 1922.....

Thank you June for your information from K-G Olin's book....so helpful...I will go look at it soon, to see the pictures that are in it.

Kay Voth
22-08-05, 22:40
After Jeanette's and June's output to me today, I have gone to the cemetery and really researched and NOW have found my Great Aunt, Edla Spikbacka Johnson and her husband, Matts's burial sites, plus on my grandmother's side, the burial sits of her two brothers, Herman and Leander (Grann) Grant...Everyone is at our old Pioneer Cemetery, which is located across from my high school. It is only open during Memorial Day, so I will have a jolly good time next year tracking the sites, if no markers. I have the lots and the blocks.. Thank you both for your help.