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21-09-03, 19:17
Looking for ancestors and relatives of Karl Magnus Lax, b.May 12, 1778, Borga, Finland, died Dec. 22 1848 in Sweden. Lived in Gavleborg, Sweden,,was a soldier. married Juliannna Olsdotter, then KArin Johansdotter..she was born in Forsa, Sweden..Oct. 28, 1817. Their daughter KArin went on tp marry Per Eric Söderlund Glans and they emmigrated tothe USA in 1880. Thanks so much. Would love to learn about Finnish/Swedish culture...D. Glantz HAnna

Re: Emigration from Borga Finland to Forsa, Gavlborg, Sweden family name Lax by syrene forsman

One of the members of SFHS in Finland is married to Lax. They lived in Mustasaari, just outside of Vasa. Please send your mailing address to me and I'll forward it to Gunne Lax.

08-10-05, 16:39
I just rediscovered the Finlander Forum and saw my old message. Thank you for responding! My Karl Magnus Lax was born MAy 12, 1788 in Porvoo, died 1848 in Forsa, Sweden. He was the son of a soldier in Porvoo. KArl's daughter, Carin Lax, b. Sept. 7, 1849 went on to marry Per Eric Söderlund Glans...they came to America in 1880, on the SS MAin. I would love to find out more about both Karls. Thanks so much...if you could pass this info on it would be great.
Deb H.

28-10-05, 05:41
Hi Deb,
I would also recommend that you move this query into the active list as a new thread. And please put in all the info which you have gathered. It's impressive. And it will help others avoid duplicating the efforts you've made.

I've printed off your request and am sending it to Finland. We'll see what happens there. I will also take the query to the SFHS office and see if anyone can find anything on the Swedish databases there.

Wish us both luck!