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Any help would be much appreciated. My grandmother emmigrated from Finland in 1900. At least one of her papers indicated that she arrived in Quebec in April of 1900. From there she traveled to her final destination in Ironwood, Michigan. She lived there with a sister until she eventually found her way to Duluth, Minnesota. She departed Hanko, Finland on 10 Mar 1900 on the Astraea and presumably arrived in Canada on a Dominion Linen liner. Are there any Canadian records on line that could verify her specific arrival date, the name of the ship, etc. How and when she traveled to the U.S. is a mystery.

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Try these site

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I donīt know of any online material, but it looks like you should be able to borrow microfilmed records through inter-institutional loan - ask your library.

more about thathere (http://www.genealogy.gc.ca/10/1001_e.html)
and here (http://www.genealogy.gc.ca/10/10080302_e.html#qc) is info on the microfilm numbers for PASSENGER LISTS: QUEBEC 1865 - 1921
Hope this can be of any help to you.

I found my Finnish great grand father and his family in the Ellis Island passenger records. According to the manifest they traveled from Hamburg with the ship Belgravia and their destination is said to be Ottawa, Canada. They arrived in Ellis Island January the 7th 1900. How they travelled to Hamburg from Finland I donīt know. I also donīt know how they continued from Ellis Island to Ottawa.
Iīm not sure if they ever intended to emigrate, I think so, but they went back to Finland again in June.


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26-08-05, 01:58

I found this info. which might help:

Many of our Finnish ancestors came through Canada to settle in the United States. Records on film are available to order for viewing at your local
area LDS Family History Center. From the Family History Catalog page at

www.familysearch.com, a synopsis of what is available:

St. Albans District manifest records of aliens arriving from foreign contiguous territory : arrivals at Canadian border ports from January 1895 to June 30, 1954 ; Indexes (Soundex), 1895-1952 Authors United States. Immigration and Naturalization Service (Main Author)

Notes Original records were destroyed after microfilming and are not

"The Soundex index (M1461) is in two series. The first covers the years 1895-1924, and the second 1924-1954. Each are composed of the individual
card manifests (Form 528) arranged according to the Soundex code. Each card represents an abstract of the information found on the original passenger manifest or in the case of Canadian residents what would have appeared on a manifest. The cards also serve as an index to the manifests for non-Canadians. This publication includes the names of people who crossed the border in Washington, Montana, Michigan, New York, North Dakota,and Minnesota, in fact all along the U.S. Canadian border"--Canadian Arrivals,

p. 4.

"The Manifests of passengers arriving in the St. Albans District through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic ports, 1895-1954, (M1464) provides two
types of lists. The traditional passenger lists on U.S. Immigration forms are found as well as monthly lists of names of aliens crossing the border on trains. These monthly lists are arranged by month, [and year] thereunder alphabetically by name of port, and thereunder by railway"--Canadian
Arrivals, p. 5.

This is the method by which I found records for my grandfather's arrival in 1903. You will find more details at the FHLC site. If i remember correctly, you will need the Soundex code of your family name for ordering the correct film(s). Here is a site which explains Soundex:
http://www.archives.gov/research_room/genealogy/census/soundex.html, and this is a site for a quick Soundex code of surnames:
Also this: http://www.genesearch.com/ports.html this is a border crossing list.


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Selma Maria Westerberg, b. 8 Sep 1878 at Kronoby and going thru Quebec in 1900.
The Canadian records go from 1899 and then 1901 so 1900 is an empty spot for the time being. Same for my Victor Mäki traveling via Quebec in 1893. It's an ancestry conspiracy against us:)