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Carolyn Nelson
01-09-05, 09:52
I am going to be in Ostrobothnia for the next 2-3 weeks visiting relatives in the Jakobstad and Terjarv areas. I would be especially interested in connecting with someone who is familiar with Smabonders and maybe knows people who live in the area. My grandfather was a Manderbacka and we were taken to the area originally by Hilding Widjeskog. Unfortunately he is now in the nursing home in Terjarv. Thanks Carolyn Nelson

Hasse Andtbacka
01-09-05, 12:39
Hello Carolyn,
we contacted John Timmerbacka. He is ready to be your contact person.

Hasse & Helena Andtbacka

Carolyn Nelson
01-09-05, 19:26
Hasse, Thanks.