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June Pelo
02-09-05, 02:33
Jan Elovirta has this query in FAR:

My father's name was Harold R. Elovirta, b. 19 Dec 1913, Newport, NH. His parents came from Finland and both passed away when he was a teenager. He and his brother lived with foster parents in Chester, MA. Looking for information on the Elovirta family.

Jan. R. Elovirta
1378 Main St.
Becket, MA 01223

04-09-05, 00:50
Hi June,
I know the information sought is from Finland but a search of the HQ 1910 census index cd located only one Elovirta so I thought I would post it here in case it could be helpful in establishing an arrival year and place of origin if the manifest can be found.
Surname,Given Name,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,Locality,
This man wasn't listed on the 1920 index for Ashtabula County, OH.

At the Immigration Institute a family of Elovirta left Finland in 1912
Last name First names Date of departure
Elovirta Kusti |27.11.1912
Elovirta Lempi I. |30.10.1912
Elovirta Martha |30.10.1912
I didn't find them at Ellis Island.

As the name isn't common and information scarce I googled and located
Elovirta, Pertti
M.Soc.Sc., Researcher
employment, forest sector
Vantaa Research Centre, Helsinki Unit
There is a photograph and an email address.
Its a long shot but worth a try.

Ancestry may be more successful.


Karen Norwillo
04-09-05, 02:40
Here's what I found on Ancestry.
1930 Census Chester, Hampdon, MA on Middle Field St
Tuomisto, William, 40, Finland, 1909, stone cutter, granite shed
Tuomisto, Lydia, 41, Finland, 1917
Eloverta, Kuste H, boarder, 17, single, NH, laborer
Eloverta, Harold R, boarder, 16, single, NH, none

SSDI and Mass. Death Index
Harold R Elovirta born 19 Dec 1913 died 1 Sep 1998 Worcester, MA
Boston Passenger List SS Arabic arrived from Liverpool 14 Nov 1912
Elovirta, Martta or Martha, servant, 17 single, Pori, Finland, nearest relative Maria Ojanen, Pihlava, Pori, going to Newport, NH to father Herman Elovirta Box 650 Newport, NH
Elovirta, Lempi, child, age 11, same info.

Also on the Boston Pass. List SS Saxonia Liverpool, May 1907
Werner or Warner Elovirta, 18, laborer, Turku, Finland, going to brother John Lindroos 106 E. 121st St NY, NY
SSDI shows an Audrey E Elovirta born 20 Oct 1915 died 3 May 1981 in Chester, Hampdon, MA. Maybe Harold's wife???
Also found an Olga Elovirta born 24 Mar 1915 died May 1981 Westfield, Hampdon, MA

1994 phone directory has Harold Elovirta in Becket, MA
2000 phone directory has a Harold Elovirta in Chester, MA
2002 phone directory has a Harold Elovirta in Becket, MA
1994 phone directory has a William H Elovirta in Becket, MA
Minnesota Naturalization Records 1915-1922 shows Kiusti Heikki Elovirta (Mrs. Alma) in Crow Wing, MN
Hope this helps, Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-09-05, 03:25
Also found on Boston Pass. List May 1907 SS Saxonia
Werner or Warner Elovirta, 18, laborer, Turku, Finn. going to brother John Lindroos, 106 E 121st St. NY, NY
There were listings in the 1994, 2000 and 2002 phone directory for a Harold Elovirta in Becket and Chester, MA. Also a William Elovirta in 1994 in Becket.

Karen Norwillo
04-09-05, 04:15
More on the Elovirta in MN.
1920 Census Crosby Village, Crow Wing, MN Lake Shore Drive
Elovirta, Gust, 34, married, US 1913, Finn, miner, iron mine
Alina, 31, 1914, Finn
Anna K, 3 1/12, daughter, MN
Inja A, 2 8/12, daughter, MN
1910 Census and Ohio Miracode Index shows a Harman Elovirta, 41, single, Finn, laborer ore dock, boarder in home of John and Maria Hualanen, both Finn.
Ohio Deaths
Gertrude J Richards, age 81, born 24 Dec 1917 Cleveland, OH
died 22 Aug 1999 Cleveland, OH. Father's surname Mononen, mother's surname Elovirta.
MA Death Index
Douglas R Elovirta 30 Jan 1942 MA-6 Aug 1995 Greenfield, MA
Emma G Elovirta 13 Mar 1937-28 Jan 2004 Greenfield, MA

June Pelo
05-09-05, 00:27
Jeanette and Karen - a tusen tack for all that information. I'll forward it on to Jan.


Karen Norwillo
06-09-05, 01:24
June, I also found on HisKi cemetery search, Emil and Elsi Elovirta in the Liljendal Cemetery. Emil born 20.4.1895- died 2.6.1973. Elsi born 24.3.1906-died 24.8.1987. Same grave stone. These were the only Elovirta that came up searching by surname. Karen

June Pelo
06-09-05, 02:09

Thanks for that. I'll pass it along.