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21-09-03, 19:20
I'm trying to find any information regarding my Grandfathers brother Roy Strom. He was born as Ragnar Nyström in Bergö,Vasa,Finland in 1907. He emigrated to Canada in 1924 were he changed his name to Roy (Ray) Strom. His last known address (early 1980's) was:
456 Kc Chesney Rd.
Timmins, Ontario
Any information is greatly appreciated

Charlotte Söder
16-01-09, 17:37
Hello Johan!

I can see that it was many years since you wrote about Ragnar Nyström.
I try to send a message anyhow, and I wonder if his parents were, Johan Erik Eriksson Nyström and Maria Beata Nyman?
I dont know anything about him, after he emigrated, more than that he was supposed to have died in Amerika.
If it is the same person I´m interested to share datas with you.

best regards

P-E Berglund
22-01-09, 21:18
Hello Charlotte

Father: Johan Erik Johan Eriksson Nyström born 05.10.1871 Bergö, died 1948 Petalax.
Mother: Maria Beata Markusdotter Nyman born 04.05.1873 Bergö, died 1954 Petalax

Hugo Albert Nyström b 02.02.1896 Bergö d 24.11.1896 Bergö
Hugo Albert Nyström b 31.01.1897 Bergö d 29.11.1964 Petalax
Johan Edvin Nyström b 15.08.1898 Bergö, ( to USA)
Valter Sigfrid Nyström b 26.02.1900 Bergö d 28.11.1974
Ragnar Nyström b 1907 in Bergö (to Canada)
Ivar Nyström b 1913 Petalax
Alma Nyström b 1916 Petalx
Arvid Nyström b 1917 Petalax

best regards