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06-09-05, 02:19
My name is Robin and I live in USA. I am hoping to find Fraki Relatives in Finland or elsewhere that are related to the Abram Fraki b. 1842 Family ,Alatornio Erkinjuntti farm ,Wife Sofia .Kuurunen.
Amanda Married name lisakka
Isaac 1874 My Great Grandfather moved to USA Hancock Michigan
Emma Married name Pellikka
Maria Married name Anundi
Erik Arvid
Hulda Married name Rantakallio
Carl Gustaf Moved to USA Hancock Michigan went by the name of Gust
Hilja Married nameThompson went to USA seattle washington

I would like to find out more about this family in Finland . If any others came to the USA or where the other brothers and sisters ended up living . I know Hulda lived in Kukkola .
Is anyone else researching these names or know of any living Fraki Decendents in Finland or Sweden related to these family's . I have traced Isaac in USA also Hilja and Gust. I would like to find more on the others.

06-09-05, 19:38
Hello Robin and welcome to Finlander!

I just e-mailed Denise in Michigan, after noticing your query, and found out you are cousins. We have been working together for a few months, Denise helping me with my research in the US and I helping her here in Finland. I´m planning to order the microfilms of church books of Alatornio to my library later this fall to check out the Fräki family. I already checked for clearings of estates but there was nothing about them in the microfilms. Of course, all the microfilms only cover the 18th and 19th century, not the 20th.

There are lots of Fräki persons in the phone-book but I have no idea if they are related to you. If you google for Fräki ( note the umlauts ) you´ll find out there are a couple of doctors, a skateboarder, a pianist etc.
Hope there is someone on this list who already knows more!
Best regards,

Karen Norwillo
07-09-05, 03:59
Robin, I did a brief search on Ancestry for the people you named. It would help alot if I had husband's first name. There are lots of people with Pellikka, Anundi and Rantakallio surnames, but no exact matches. Alot of Pellikka's settled around Hibbing, MN. Many Anundi's in Clatskanie, OR. Most say from Sweden. Found a Mat and Alina Rantakallio in Allen Township in PA 1910. Also Andrew and Edla. Lots of Fraki's in MI, MN, OH, and OR. 1930 census, CO and CA 1920, and OR, MN, CA, MI and WY 1910. Found Matti and Alina Rantakallio left Finland 31.05.1906 for Allenport, PA. Alma Fraki, adult female, no age, left Finland 1957 aboard Queen Mary to NY. Welcome, Karen

M. Waters
09-09-05, 18:31
Hi, Robin....I have a connection by marriage to a Pelikka who lived in Minnesota, near Hibbing...her family lived in Chisholm MN. Her name was Lempi, and she married my uncle Luther Johnson, of Ironwood. MI.

If you think this sounds like a connection, let me know, and I will send more information about her parents, etc. when I get back home to my scanner. We are living at camp (sommarstuga) until October...then I can catch up with all my correspondence that requires my files and scanner at home.

Midge, Negaunee MI USA