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Carolyn Nelson
09-09-05, 10:14
I am searching for information on Johan Julius Rustanius. His father was Johan August Rustanius and his mother was Augusta Fredrika Winberg. Thefamily moved to Helsinki in during Johan's teen years from a small town west of Helsinki. Johan AAugust and his brother Karl Gustav were sausage-makers / butchers. Karl moved to Oulu and Johan's shop was in Helsinki.
It is said that the family were of Swedish extraction.
I would appreciate any contacts / information that anyone has. Thank you, Carolyn Nelson.

09-09-05, 10:49
In Hiski I found this information från Svartå :
Svartå - Mustio - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

12.7.1845 13.7.1845
Brädb. Gust: Rustanius Albert. Charlotta Dönsberg 24 Charlotta-Vilhelmina

19.9.1846 21.9.1846
Koldrg. Gustaf Rustanius Alb. Charl. Donsberg 25 Albertina-Josefina

12.2.1848 13.2.1848
Koldrg. Gust: Rustanius Alb. Charl. Dönsberg 26 Engla Sofia

15.3.1849 18.3.1849
Koldrg. Gust: Rustanius Alb. Charl. Dönsberg 28 Carl Gustaf

26.4.1851 29.4.1851
Koldrg. Gust: Rustanius Alb. Charl: Dönsberg 30 Joh: August

Svartå - Mustio - married
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

Bruk. Bruksarb. Gust. Rustanius
Bd:dr Alb. Charl. Dönsberg Båtsmora

Svartå belongs to Karis in the Western part of the province Nyland.

Kyrkslätt -Kirkkonummi - christened

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

29.9.1858 3.10.1858 Hindersby
Sne Snickaren Johan Fredrik Winberg
hustru Fredrika Sofia Boström 31 Augusta Fredrika

Hälsningar Christina Nordback

Carolyn Nelson
09-09-05, 14:51
Thank you Christina... can you tell from this if there are any living relatives in Finland?

09-09-05, 15:42
In the telephon record I found 9 with the name RUSTANIUS. They is lok. in Helsinki, Karjaa, Liljendahl, Tampere ans Sjundeå.

Henrik Mangs

10-09-05, 00:08
I have sent you a private message with adresses to living Rustanius.

Hälsningar Christina Nordback

Gita Wiklund
10-09-05, 19:02
Hi Carolyn,
Since Johan August Rustanius had a shop in Helsinki I thought there could be some info to find in newspapers from that time.
So I made a search in the The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771-1890 (http://digi.lib.helsinki.fi/index_en.html)

And, yes I found some that may interest you.

For example I found a death notice on a daughter of theirs, named Ranghild Gertrud who died 12 jan 1891 in the age of 2 years and 4 days from a fierce disease.
The note reveals that she is bitterly mourned by her parents and 3 brothers, relatives and friends
And it is undersigned Fredrika och Aug. Rustanius.
(4 jan 1891, Hufvudstadsbladet)

It seems that Johan August Rustanius used the first name August because even in other notices he is mentioned as A. Rustanius.
He was a sausage-maker master when he married Fredrika Winberg.

If you find this interesting, send me a private note.