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21-09-03, 19:22
RE: Banns

In 1895, Ida Maria Andersdotter Lillbroända Wikstrom married John Leonard Sundquist at Telluride, Colorado. Ida Maria emigrated 1893 from Kronoby; John Sundquist in 1890 from Soklot.
While in Finland this past summer, I looked through church books in Kronoby and Nykarleby for information about my grandparents.
In 1931 church book at Nykarleby, it is written that banns were read December 22 and 29, 1905 and January 5, 1906. Forelysta (?) i Kronoby. To my knowledge, the readings were not entered in the Nykarleby church book in 1906; rather, they are entered in 1931 book, the year following the Sundquist’s eldest daughter’s visit to Finland.
My questions are: why would it be necessary to have banns read 10 years after Ida Maria left Finland, and six years after they were married and had several children? Why was it entered in 1931?
Why would the reading of the banns be entered in Nykarleby church book when Ida Maria’s church was Kronoby, and she had fulfilled her church requirements (Skriftskole gången 1891) at Kronoby?
Can anyone enlighten me about reading the banns? Sunnie Empie, Scottsdale, Arizona