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13-09-05, 19:59
I've been searching for the arrival of Maria Kristina Holmström and her daughter Olga without luck.
Maria b.6 dec. 1866 in Hangö Finland died 18 aug.1938 in USA. Daughter Olga b.1892, married in USA , had two children Edvard and Elise.
This is all information I have about this family.

From the passenger records I found this:

Last name Holmström
First names Maria
Age or age group 35
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Philadelphia
State of destination PA
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 132
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 01.07.1903
Ship from England Friesland
Date of departure from England 08.07.1903
Ocean Line American Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 22/86
Remarks Mk Olga Holmström

Christina Nordback

13-09-05, 22:53

The SS FRIESLAND was since 1903 in Liverpool-Philadelphia service so you ought to get access to the passenger lists for Philadelphia arrivals on microfilm, which is easier said than done. They would appear on microfilm roll
NARA # M360-63 Hj--Holm FHL # 0419486
Please see Philadelphia Passenger Lists Index 1800-1906 http://home.att.net/%7Ewee-monster/philly1800.html


Karen Norwillo
14-09-05, 03:16
Christina, I did some searching on Ancestry.com on Maria and Olga. I found them, I think, on several censuses in Oregon. The dates of birth don't match exactly, but so much else does. You decide.

1900 census, Nehalem, Columbia, OR
Holmstrom, John W, Sept 1854, 48, married 8 yrs, Finland, US 1885, farmer
Holmstrom, Maria, Feb 1865, 35, married 8yrs, 2 children, Finland, 1890
Holmstrom, Olga L, Feb 1893, age 7, says born OR
Holmstrom, Minnie M, Dec 1896, age 3, OR

1910 same place
John is 57, married 17 yrs, US 1885, farmer. Maria is 45, now 3 children. Olga is 17, Minnie is 13 and Phoebe M is 8. All chidren say born OR.

1920, Mist, Columbia, OR
John is 66, says US 1883, naturalized 1888, dairy farmer.
Maria is 54, US 1890. Olga is 26, single, switchboard operator for telephone. Minnie is 23, single, operator, telephone. Phoebe is 17.

1930 same address
Holmstrom, Maria, widow, 65, owns home, US 1890.
Olga is 37, still single, switchboard operator, still says born OR.

I saw the passport entry on Emigrant Register and there was a Maria Holmström, DOB says 1877, married, home parish listed as Bromarv, Uusimaa, travelling with daughter Olga born 1892, going to husband in Amerikka. Olga was 11, Maria 35. Destination Phila.With Olga's age in 1930, would have her born abt. 1892-1893.
With Maria's age of 35 on the Passport and Passenger lists, her DOB should be 1868, not 1877

14-09-05, 11:18
Tack Staffan
and thank you Karen for your help.

The Maria you found from the Emigrant register could be the Maria and Olga I´m seachring, because the part of Hangö Maria was from belongd to Bromarf at that time. Do you think it is the same Maria you found in Oregon?
Olga has two living cousins in Finland (92y, 95y), but they can´t remember this family. Maria was an older sister to my husbands grandfather.

Christina Nordback

14-09-05, 11:52

I maid a search in the Social Security Death Index and found the Olga Holmstrom in Oregon

Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
OLGA HOLMSTROM 03 Feb 1893 Sep 1973 98121 (Seattle, King, WA) (none specified) 542-32-1670 Oregon

I think she was unmarried when she died. My Olga was married and had the two children Edvard and Elise.

Hälsningar Christina

Karen Norwillo
14-09-05, 17:39
Christina, I, too, saw that SSDI on Olga. Do you have any idea who she married? It would be so much easier to search with her married name. I found the death of that John W Holmstrom on the OR Death Index. He died 30 Dec 1924 in Columbia County. I found Maria Holmstrom also. She died 25 Feb 1942 in Columbia County. So it appears this must be another family with the same names. Karen

15-09-05, 21:30
Hej Karen
I have got some new information about the Holmstrom family.

Johan Mauritz Holmström b.26 dec. 1865 in Bromarv left Finland
03.06.1902 with destination Philadelphia. A year later his wife Maria Kristina Holmström (b.Sjösten) b. 6 dec.1866 in Bromarv and their daughter Olga Maria b.18 mars 1893 in Pojo came to Philadelphia. I don´t know Olgas married name, but a relative remember the family lived in Philadelphia.

In the passenger list Johan Mauritz is namned as Mauritz Holmström.

Hälsningar Christina

Karen Norwillo
17-09-05, 02:35
Christina, I found Mauritz Holmstrom on the Philadelphia Passenger List for June 1902. He arrived on the SS Westerland. Line 1. Mauritz Holmstrom, 37, male, married, laborer, Finland, Hango, destination Philadelphia, going to cousin ? Selin, 2653 Richmond St. Phila. PA. Next line had an Emil Finnberg, 20, going to same address.. I found a matching Emil August Finnberg on Emigrant Register, born 1881, married, going to Phila in 1902, leaving wife and 1 child behind. The following year, looks like wife Emilia and daughter Signe Emilia followed him to America. No luck yet finding any of them on census.. Holmstrom, I mean. Karen

17-09-05, 03:09
Hej Christina,
In the 1910 census I found a listing for a John Holmstrom in PA. The index only lists Heads of Household.
Surname: HOLMSTROM Given Name: JOHN
Age: 43 Sex: M Race: WHITE Birthplace: FINLAND
County: ERIE Locality: 4-WD ERIE
T624-Roll: 1342 Part: 2 Page: 180 Subpage: A
State: PA

There were no listings for Mauritz Holmstrom.

Hope this helps.

17-09-05, 04:56
I took a bit of a gamble and tried a search of SSDI using Olga and birthdate with these three results
OLGA THOMPSON 18 Mar 1893 Apr 1986 06417 (Deep River, Middlesex, CT) (none specified) 047-28-0034 Connecticut
OLGA MCALEAR 18 Mar 1893 Oct 1980 54601 (La Crosse, La Crosse, WI) 54601 (La Crosse, La Crosse, WI) 390-22-9421 Wisconsin
OLGA WICKMAN 18 Mar 1893 Apr 1979 98133 (Seattle, King, WA) 98107 (Seattle, King, WA) 538-10-9831 Washington
WICKMAN seemed most likely so tried a search of WA Wickman
EDWARD WICKMAN 10 Oct 1903 Oct 1982 98663 (Vancouver, Clark, WA) (none specified) 534-09-1280 Washington - Olga would be too young to be his mans mother
EDWARD A WICKMAN 14 Dec 1914 13 Mar 1998 (V) 98635 (Lyle, Klickitat, WA) (none specified) 534-09-5853 Washington located an obituary born in MN wrong parents
ELSIE L WICKMAN 10 Jan 1913 09 Aug 1996 (V) 98125 (Seattle, King, WA) 98125 (Seattle, King, WA) 534-07-7436 Washington
These two men seemed possibilities for the husband.
HERMAN WICKMAN 24 Oct 1882 Oct 1964 (Washington) (none specified) 531-10-4395 Washington
HJALMAR WICKMAN 19 Feb 1892 Feb 1967 98188 (Seattle, King, WA) (none specified) 536-12-1837 Washington

Perhaps the WA Death Indexes give more details. I haven't been able to locate obituaries for Olga, Elsie or Herman or Hjalmar.
I wasn't able to locate any of these names in the 1923 Seattle Directory. I couldn't find any Finnish born Holmstrom listed as dying in King Co, WA in 1938 on the chance the whole family moved out West. So this is just a possibility based on Olga having the correct birthdate and an Elsie born around the right time.
Edit:Obit for Herman indexed in Tacoma paper so most likely not him.

19-09-05, 14:32
Karen and Jeanette
Thank you so much for helping me with this family. I hope this Wickman family is the right one.
I have had problems with my computer. I´m sorry I couldn´t answer you earlier.

Hälsningar Christina

28-10-05, 16:51
Karen and Jeanette

I have found out that Olgas married name was not Wickman it was Olga Strömberg-Olsen (married twice) and she died in 1948. Can you get any information of her family.

Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
30-10-05, 02:14
On the 1920 Census for Philadelphia, PA on 2661 Aramingo Ave
Stromberg, Gustav, 42, US 1906, Sweden, barge captain
Stromberg, Olga, 27, US 1903, Finland
Stromberg, Elsa, 11, PA
Stromberg, Edward, 2 3/12, PA
Couldn't find the family on the 1930 Census, so maybe Olga was Olsen by then. I'll keep looking. Karen

30-10-05, 04:32
A search of ssdi located two Edward Strombergs born in 1917 who had ssn issued in Pennsylvania. As the 1920 census was taken in January this one best matches the age listed on the 1920 census, however it may not be your Edward. If you can locate an obituary it would help to determine this.

EDWARD STROMBERG 17 Oct 1917 Mar 1964 (not specified) (none specified) 165-01-9220 Pennsylvania
Unfortunately there is no information to determine which county in PA Edward was living.

There were no Edward Olsen born in 1917 with ssn issued in Pennsylvania.

There are 9 Elise born 1909 ssn issued in Pennsylvania none are Stromberg or Olsen. Again none of these may be Olga's daughter.

I'm hoping Karen has more success.

Karen Norwillo
31-10-05, 01:53
Found the family on the 1910 Census in Philadelphia, Ward 18, District 287
Holm, John, 44,head, married once, 24 yrs, Swede, 1902, carpenter
Holm, Maria, 43, wife, Swede, 1902
Stromberg, Olga, 20, daughter, married once, 2 yrs, Swede
Stromberg, Gustoff, 34,son-in-law, Swede, 1900, bartender
Stromberg, Elsa, 1, grand-daughter, PA
Looks like John and Maria used Holm instead of Holmstrom. I couldn't read the street name, house #2538.
I checked the 1920 census again around the Strombergs, but couldn't find her parents. No luck on 1930 yet. Karen

20-11-05, 18:18
Thank you Karen and Jeanette for helping me with the Holmstrom -Stromberg family.

I have had problems with my computer again. I have also been waiting for an obitury for Olga. A relative found it in a book, but I havn´t got a copy of it yet. Still waiting to hear from her.

In the 1910 Census of Philadelphia: Stromberg, Olga, 20, daughter, married once, 2 yrs, Swede
What does 2 yrs means?

The name of Olgas daughter was Elsa, not Elise, that I had?
She was born 1909 and her brother Edward b. 1917.
From where can I get info if they got married? Can I write to some instans?

In Ellis Island I found this:

First Name: Elsie
Last Name: Stromberg
Last Place of Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.
Date of Arrival: Sep 16, 1924
Age at Arrival: 15y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Stockholm
Port of Departure: Gothenburg
Manifest Line Number: 0007

First Name: Olga
Last Name: Stromberg
Last Place of Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.
Date of Arrival: Sep 16, 1924
Age at Arrival: 31y Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Stockholm
Port of Departure: Gothenburg
Manifest Line Number: 0006

First Name: Edvard
Last Name: Stromberg
Last Place of Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.
Date of Arrival: Sep 16, 1924
Age at Arrival: 6y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Stockholm
Port of Departure: Gothenburg
Manifest Line Number: 0008

Maybe visiting Finland and Sweden?

Hälsningar Christina

25-11-05, 16:41
Here is the obitury for Olga Strömberg- Olson. What kind of society is this S.F.S.F.Norrsken? Her daughter Elsie-Else-Elsa is probably not alive any more (born1909), her son Edward probably died in 1964?. How can I find this only grandchild of Olga??

S.F.S.F. Norrsken tillkännagiver med djup sorg förlusten av föreningssystern

Olga Strömberg- Olson

Som avled å Misericordia Hospital i Philadelphia Pa, den 1 april 1948.
Syster Olson var född i Hangö, Finland den 18 mars 1893. Hon ingick som medlem i S.F.S.F.Norrsken den 6 oktober 1938.
Å föreningens ordinarie möte den 7 april beslöts att drapera vårt fribrev för en tid av 30 dagar för att på detta vis tillkännagiva vår sorg och saknad; att nedteckna denna resolution i foreningens protokoll i och för att bevara hennes minne i föreningen; samt att införa resolutionen i Norden ävensom överlämna en avskrift därav till den avlidnes make.
Närmast sörjande är maken Oscar, sonen Edward Strömberg, dottern Else Leon, ett barnbarn, svärson, svärdotter samt släktingar i Finland och många vänner här.

Alma Nisula Alli Rabb

Hälsningar Christina

25-11-05, 18:43
Dear Christina,
I believe that stands for Svensk Finlands Sjukhjälp Föreningen
or something very like it. SFHS archives has none of its old records, much as the Society would like to, since it evidently faded out nearly 70 years before SFHS was founded. It was a sort of insurance society for its members, and as I understand, it also held social events, all in Swedish. The membership fees went into the fund to support those of its members who became ill or died. The social events were intended as additional fund raisers.

I'm very interested in the book where the obituary was found. Can you give me the title?

25-11-05, 19:03
Thank you Syrene for the info.

The obitury was a cutting from a newspaper. Maybe Norden, because Norden was sometimes sent to this cousin in Finland.

Hälsningar Christina

Karen Norwillo
25-11-05, 21:42
Christina, On the 1910 census, one of the questions was "how long in present marriage?" The 2 yrs means she was married 2 years. Karen

25-11-05, 22:28
Thank you Karen


21-06-06, 02:26
Hi Christina:

I happened upon this site while doing some internet research, and I thought I would share some information that I suspect you may find interesting.

My name is Edward Gustav Stromberg III, and Olga Stromberg-Olson was my great grandmother. She lived in Philadelphia and had two children with her first husband, Gustav Stromberg, Elsa (or Aunt Elsa, as I have always heard her described) and Edward, my Grandfather. Edward married Anne Quinn (Anne Quinn Stromberg) and had two children, Anne Christine Stromberg (now Anne Christine Bendit) and Edward Gustav Stromberg, Jr. (my father). My father hadn't been born at the date of the obituary you posted, which is why it mentions only one grandchild - That would be Anne Christine.

Earlier you asked how you might find "this only grandchild of Olga??", and much to my amazement, you have. Anne Christine, along with myself and the other Strombergs and Bendits in the United States, find it kind of exciting that someone in Finland may have been looking for us!

I will send a seperate message to you individually with my email address, but I thought I would post this for the other list members to see, particulalry Karen Norwillo and Jeanette who seemed to put you on the right track!

22-06-06, 11:06
HI Edward
What a surprise to hear from you. I have just sent you a private message.