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14-09-05, 11:16
Iīm looking for my husbands ancesters and i found that one of them Kaarle Johan Kantola was born in US in 1890, but where??

I know that his parents were Kaarle Aleksander Kantola and Iida Aleksandra Lindberg, but I canīt find wherethey emmigrated, Iida emmigrated 1887-06-14 but I canīt find her in any emmigration list. She lived in northewn Sweden, near the border to Finland. She and Kaarle Aleksander was married 1889-08-17. Probably in USA because she emmigrated two years earlier and their son is born one year later 1890-08-23.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you!

15-09-05, 02:16
Hi Helena,
I found at http://www.familysearch.org that Kaarles parents
had three children all baptised in Kemijarvi, Lappi, Finland.
Birth and death dates are listed for each and the name of the spouse for the youngest sister. Perhaps the parish records will show where Kaarle was born in the USA.
Ida Johanna b. 14 Jan 1901
Hilma Elisabet b.22 May 1903
Hannes b. 08 Jan 1907


15-09-05, 10:04
I got the information that his was born in the US from the parish if they knew where his was born they would have written it. On familysearch it says that he was born in Kemijärvi, but that wrong I suppose. I will check with the real books but I do believe the parish becaúse they search the books.