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b hietala
16-09-05, 04:05
I just discovered this forum and have hopes that it's not like some of the others I have checked out (just for dating etc.)
I've been trying to research my family history and get reconnected with my heritage. This is not easy out here in Montana. There are a few Finn populations here, but it's a big state with lots of miles in between them.

All four of my grandparents came to America around 1910 and settled in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. From there, some of the kids came west and raised somewhat isolated families in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. I'm looking for connections to the surnames Hietala, Palkki, Ylipalkki, Niskanen, Orajarvi, Saloniemi and others.

I'm also looking for information on researching Swedish records, in particular those pertaining to tenant farmers, dependent mothers and children, and orphans. I am having trouble finding information on my Grandfather (Jakob Hietala) as he may have been an orphan or son of a dependent tenant. He was born in Korpilompolo in 1879.

I would also like to connect with Hietala or Palkki relatives in Finland. Sorry about the long introduction. I look forward to hearing from you and spending some time on this forum.

Kiitos, Bruce Hietala

16-09-05, 09:21
Welcome Bruce!

You have indeed found the right forum. No dating ads, no spam, lots of information, lots of nice helpful people.

Just post as specific questions as you can and you will experience the magic of Finlander.


Shirley King
16-09-05, 16:26
This is definately the place for you Bruce. There are many many members that have resources that will just boggle your mind. Like Sune said, be as specific as you can and tell us your story.
Where are you at in Montana? My cousin Elsie Carpenter just moved from there to Oregon. She is a member too . I live in NE Nevada, very few Finns here too. I went from not even knowing the farm name of my grandfather, and just that of my grandmother, to loads of information dating back to the 1700's and 1500's! My sister, Alice Finnerty, also a member, went to Finland this last summer with her son. They had a blast and now have memories to last a lifetime!!
Don't forget to visit TALKO which is the gedcom files of many of our members. It is really interesting too!
Again, Welcome!
Shirley King

Jim Bailey
17-09-05, 19:25
Welcome, Bruce. I second what Sune and Shirley have said. I can assure you in four years I've never seen any signs of dating or match-making on this List, except for VERY (!) helpful information in matching me with family members and ancestors. :) :) :)

The people on this List are splendid!!! In particular, Christian Dahlin, Gustaf Sundström, and Hasse Nygård in Finland have been of great assistance to me. (Apologies if I missed anyone.)

As Shirley says, please take a look at TALKO. When it was first announced, I was busy and also perhaps a bit technology-shy. So months passed, and I didn't get into the information. Then, Hasse Nygård, the wonderful moderator and technology guru for this List, mentioned it to me and urged me to use it. WOW!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of names, and MANY of them connected to me. My database now contains almost 10,000 names.

Again, welcome and good hunting.

b hietala
26-09-05, 07:20
Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. My family lived in Oregon for several years prior to 1953 (Sweet Home). My father helped build a sawmill there and then moved to Belgrade, MT and helped build one there. In 1959, moved to Thompson Falls to (you guessed it) build a sawmill there. I have lived in Western Montana all my life and currently live in Arlee (a small town near Missoula).

I have a gedcom file that Haase N. said needs to be sent to him. Can these files be sent email? I am looking forward to checking out the talko project. Again, Thanks for the welcome. I will be here as much as time permits..... which is not as much as I would like presently.

26-09-05, 08:01
Originally posted by b hietala
...I have a gedcom file that Hasse N. said needs to be sent to him. Can these files be sent email? I am looking forward to checking out the talko project. ...

Yes, send the gedcom directly by email directly to me. The email address can be found at the bottom of every Finlander page "Contact us".