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21-09-03, 19:24
Searching for information regarding Isak Gustafsson Porten and wife Amanda Josefina Karlsdotter, both of which were born in 1858 in Finland. Their township/parish was Pori (Björneborg) and might have also been Ulvila (Ulfsby). They had several children. I am merely interested in tracing back from Isak and Josefina, i.e. who were their parents and where did they come from? Any suggestions as to where I might find this information would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Porten/Portin/Porthen Family by Syrene Forsman

You know the Portin, Porthan, Porthen family has been well-known in Swedish Finland for probably 300 years. One of the SFHS members is a Portin, and he is very proud of his heritage. I believe he mentioned that Genos,the publication of Finland's Genealogical Society, printed a family tree at some point before 1950.
Do you have access to a Mormon Family History Center? They encourage family research, and to that end microfilmed every church records in Europe in the 1960's and 70's. You can order the pertinent microfilms from their Salt Lake City library to use in your local Center. Volunteers in the center are happy to help beginners learn the system. My husband has followed one branch of his family back to the 1700's using their films.
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Syrene Forsman
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