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Karen Norwillo
18-09-05, 21:49
My great-uncle, Anders Albert Andersson Långsjö, married Selma Kiisk, born 16 Jan 1891 in Esse. Does anyone have her in their database except Roy Schnell and me? I am looking for her patronymic so I can trace her line back further. There are many Kiisk in TALKO, but I don't know if any connect to her. Thanks, Karen

June Pelo
19-09-05, 02:09

I have the marriage records for Esse up to 1894. Maybe one of these couples were her parents:

Matts Mattsson Kiisk married Kaisa Lisa Mattsdotter Lamabacka on 1 Dec 1869.

Johan Mattsson Kiisk married Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Backman on 9 Jan 1870.

Johan Mattsson Kiisk married Lovisa Mattsdotter Särs from Terjärv on 11 Aug 1872.

Widower Matts Johansson Kiisk married widow Lisa Ulrika Jacobsdotter Lindström on 31 Jul 1881.

Widower Anders Johansson Kiisk married Maja Lisa Mattsdotter Flinck on 9 Jun 1888.

I think that Jaska Sarell has some Esse data, but as far as I know he is on a holiday.


Kaj Granlund
24-09-05, 15:23
She is born at Långsjö.
1. Selma LÅNGSJÖ earl. KIISK earl. LÅNGSJÖ, b. 16-01-1891 in Esse, .

She married Anders Albert LÅNGSJÖ, married 19-11-1910 in Esse, b. 28-05-1891 in Esse, d. 21-07-1960 in Esse.


2. Matts KIISK t TARVONEN, b. 10-11-1863 in Esse, . He married Greta Mattsdotterr KIISK e. TARVONEN, married 03-10-1886 in Esse.

3. Greta Mattsdr KIISK e. TARVONEN, b. 04-08-1853 in Esse, d. 05-07-1907 in Esse.

Grand Parents

4. Hans Gustav TARVONEN e. PUNSAR e. TARVONEN, b. 20-02-1822 in Esse, d. 14-11-1868 in Wiborg. He married (1) Kajsa STUBB, married 23-06-1849 in Esse, b. 13-07-1814 in Esse, d. 24-04-1855 in Esse. He married (2) Kajsa Hansdr TARVONEN t LÅNGSJÖ, married 03-02-1860 in Esse, b. 17-03-1835 in Esse, d. 07-06-1905 in Esse.

1. Greta Mattsdr KIISK e. TARVONEN, b. 04-08-1853 in Esse, d. 05-07-1907 in Esse.

She married Matts KIISK t TARVONEN, married 03-10-1886 in Esse, b. 10-11-1863 in Esse,


2. Matts KIISK, b. 12-06-1821 in Esse, . He married Anna Brita KIISK e. HUMMELHOLM, married 01-12-1842 in Esse.

3. Anna Brita KIISK e. HUMMELHOLM, b. 11-01-1814 in Esse, d. 13-06-1879 in Esse.

if you need more information please send me an email.

Karen Norwillo
25-09-05, 01:25
Thank you, Kaj. I should have known I could count on you. Karen

Karen Norwillo
25-09-05, 19:43
Looking at several GedComs on Talko and poses a few questions. Was Matts Gustafsson Kiisk t Tarvonen married 3 times? From Kaj's info, Selma was the daughter of Greta Mattsdotter Kiisk t Tarvonen who died in 1907. 6 other GedComs don't show this marriage, but do show two others, to Tilda Gustafsdtr Zittra in 1908 and then Ida Johansdtr Sjöbacka in 1910. Is that correct? Also, if his father was Hans Gustav, why is the patronymic Gustafsson and not Hansson?
Also, if I'm correct, Hans Gustav was married twice, first to Kajsa Mattsdtr Stubb 13 Jul 1814-24 Apr 1855 and then to Kajsa Hansdtr Tarvonen t Långsjö 17 Mar 1835-7 Jun 1905.
Thanks to anyone who can tell me if I'm correct.

Kaj Granlund
25-09-05, 20:32
Question 2 and 3
2)Hans Gustav- obviously he used Gustav and not Hans som that's why they used Gustavsson
3)corect about the marriages

question 1 cannot answer that, but he moved from Esse to Terjärv and Zittras live in Terjärv.

Hasse Andtbacka
25-09-05, 21:23
Tilda Gustafsdr Zittra was married first to Anders Andersson Sunabacka Zittra, then to Matts Gustafsson Kiisk. Married 9.8.1908, Tilda died 17.3.1910.
Matts remarried 13.11.1910 with Ida Johanna Sjöbacka, b. 14.5.1867 in Nedervetil. They lived on Lillrank in Terjärv.

Hasse Andtbacka.

Karen Norwillo
26-09-05, 23:15
Thank you, Hasse. The names Zittra and Lillrank are found other places in my family tree. Guess as they say," if we look hard enough, everyone in Finland is related somehow." Karen