View Full Version : Enberg Surname by Kim McLaughlin

21-09-03, 19:25
Searching for family of Eliel Edvard Enberg born Aug 6, 1980. He was a Swedish-Finn. I have no data on birth parents or even where he was born. I am guessing Turku, of Hanko. His last residence was I believe Kimitu. He left there on a Merchant Marine ship when he was 30 years old. He went to Canada, then the US. He arrived in Eureka California and stayed here the rest of his life. He passed on Aug 3, 1965. I do have his social security number, and wrote to the SS Administration, but that could take months. His merchant marine papers state "parents unknown". Once he got to the US he never looked back. My grandmother, Anna Sophia Enberg came through Ellis Island and had a sponser in Eureka, CA. That's how they met. Her maiden name was Ahl. I have hit so many dead ends. Could my grandfather have been orphaned? Hiski doesn't have records that new for me to be able to tell when or where he was born. I know nothing about Eliel Edvard Enberg's past, except what I've written here. By the time he got to the US, he went by Edward Enberg. HELP!
Kim McLaughlin