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22-09-05, 03:06
I am trying to find some old records of the Finnish Luthern Church in Virginia MN. I know the church has changed it's name 2 times since the early 40s. I emailed the Gethemine (sp) Luthern church and they do not have the records and mentioned something about maybe being in Michigan. I have no idea where do any of you know? I am looking for a marriage record for a Pekka (Peter) Jantunen and Edi (Edith) Ahonen sometime in 1911. I am trying to locate the record to see if it would tell me where in Finland they came. I looked in HisKi and the only Pekka that even comes close to the dates came to the US through Boston, landed in OH and on his passport it says he was leaving a wife with 2 children. I am trying to make sure I am looking for the correct Pekka before I jump to conclusions. Can you help?

22-09-05, 03:34

Swenson Swedish Immigration Center has a film for a Gethsemane church so I will see if I can find something for you.


22-09-05, 20:08
I checked the church in Virginia and did not find them.
Then I looked into Buhl, Chisholm, and Eveleth because they were nearby and again turned up nothing for you.
This is the Finnish gen site with a list of churches for Virginia: They are:
Virginia - Apostolic ("Lutheran & Heideman")
Isak Lamppa
David Castren
Robert Peter Nordström (1944-) ("Heideman")
[Source: Saarnivaara 1947, p. 141, 292 & 333]

Virginia - Independent
Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church
222 2nd St. N.
St. Louis
(Misc. Rec. N: 149, 1895)
Isaac, Walter, pastor, Deer River
[Source: Richardson (1997)]

Virginia - National
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Congregation
3rd Ave. and 7th St. S.
St. Louis
(Misc. Rec. 14: 266, 1894)
Heino, E. A., pastor, Ely
[Source: Richardson (1997)]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Virginian Evankelis-Luterilainen Kansallisseurakunta
Founded Mar. 5, 1911 and joined immediately the Finnish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. 56 members in 1949.
T. Miettinen (-1947)
E. Lampela (1947-1949-)
[Source: Kansalliskirkko 1949, p. 338]

Virginia - Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
2nd Ave. N. and 2nd St.
St. Louis
(Misc. Rec. 1: 309, 1911)
Kuusisto, Victor, pastor, 213 2nd St.
[Source: Richardson (1997)]

Virginia - Suomi Synod
Zion Lutheran Church
[Source: RW]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Archival Sources:
Finnish-American Historical Archives, Hancock

I have seen on other pages links to an Iron Range website but I don't recall it so maybe somebody will have that one.
Then there is the possibility that the surname was spelled Juntunen.

23-09-05, 04:04
Thank you for your posts. You are very informative and I always get more information than I had to start with. You made me think of more places to look. Thanks you so much for your help.

23-09-05, 05:41

Juntunen Pekka 29.04.1903
Juntunen Peter 18.01.1902
Juntunen Petter 07.04.1900

the date is the travel date

In dbase passengers, I put in Juntunen as surname and P for given name and the 3 guys above showed up.

In passports, I found these 2 guys:
Juntunen Pekka 07.12.1883
Juntunen Pekka . .1885

the date is the birthdate.

We need somebody with full access the the Migration website for complete the information.
Chuck (edit to fix spelling:)

23-09-05, 06:43
Ancestry find other Juntunen travelers which led to the idea that they were first in Michigan's UP.
At the top of this sfhs page click on delphi
then click ...last recent..
then click Chuck Maki's Michigan material
then click Iron County and use your browser find to locate Juntunen. A minimal list of parents of a boy being confirmed. Perhaps these people are yours.
Chuck (yep, another edit for spelling:)

Karen Norwillo
23-09-05, 18:32
I checked Emigration Passport and Passenger lists on the names. Pekka Juntunen, date of birth 7.12.1883, from Kiuruvesi, Kuopio province, single, left Hango 29.04.1903 SS Urania to Ishpeming, MI. Ship from England, SS Canada.
Peter Juntunen, born 1885, Suomussalmi, Oulu, left 18.01.1902 SS Arcturus to Quebec, Canada. From England no ship name given, but was Beaver Line.He is recorded on the Passport list as Pekka, and as Peter on the Passenger list.
There are also 2 others, but they are small children ages 3 and 4. The 4 yr. old was travelling with Anna, Elsa, Eva and Salomon Juntunen to Calumet, MI.in 1900. The 3 yr. old was going to Tower, MN also in 1900. No travelling companions listed.

23-09-05, 18:51
Also found on ancestry Boston arivals, is an Elsa G Juntunen, age 15, married, traveling 16 May 1903, to Alston to her father Peter Juntanen.
And same date at Boston is a Pekka Juntunen, age 20m single, traveling to Ishpeming, but trip paid by uncle August Juntunen at Alston, Mich.

Many Juntunen people. If you could give us the names of children born in America, it might help to get closer to which Peter is yours.
Also, naturalization may well be found after 1906 in which case the paperwork gives a lot of information about ship, dates of travel, country of birth, etc, much better than pre 1906 naturalization papers.

Chuck (spelling edit:)

Karen Norwillo
24-09-05, 04:26
Edi Ahonen is found on Emigrant Passenger List age 20 going to Ashtabula, OH 3. 8.1907 SS Urania and 10.8.1907 SS Lucania from England. I did not find her on Passport List. I found an Edith Ahonen on 1910 census in Cuyahoga, E. Cleveland, OH. age 20 servant in home of Paul Douglas. Finn, to US 1907. Appears to be same person except she hasn't aged in 3 yrs.
Did not find Peter in Ohio in 1910.
There are many Juntunen listed in MI in all the census from 1910-1930.On the Iron Range site found 22 Juntunen's listed on their cemetery page, including a Peter and August. But Peter's wife was Mary.

25-09-05, 20:19
You all are just wonderful with all of your help but some are on the wrong track. The correct name is Jantunen and Pekka's birthdays is 11/6/1882 and he arrived in the US in 1909 through Boston. I have looked at the Migration site and some gave me his passport information which lists at the bottom that he had a wife and 2 children he left behind. I am trying to locate decendants of those children. My husband's family knew nothing of his life in Finland much less he had a wife and children. He married Edi in 1911 and settled in Virginia MN.:)

June Pelo
25-09-05, 20:26
I have a Linda Jantunen in my database - she was married in Crosby, MN to Mark Olander, son of Frank Olander, b. 1930 in Crosby. I don't have any other data about Jantunen, but do have some of the Olander genealogy.


26-09-05, 18:13
Linda Jantunen is my husband's sister. I have her information June if you are interested. Still missing the wife and 2 kids in Finland. Thanks for everyones help.

June Pelo
26-09-05, 18:59

Check your private messages - I just sent one to you.


June Pelo
26-09-05, 19:03

I'm sorry I addressed you as Linda - I had her on my mind.


Karen Norwillo
26-09-05, 23:01
Carol, I don't know if you have this already or if it is the correct Jantunen, but in looking at Peter's arrival at Boston, it says from Yaakkama, Finland. I checked out Jaakkima on HisKi and found a marriage and a birth that could possibly be Pekka (Peter's) father and mother. You decide.
Birth: 1 Mar 1854 to Matts Jantunen, Metsämiglis 26, and Anna Tolkki, son Peter.
Marriage: 13 Jan 1878, Petter Mattsson Jantunen, Metsämikli 26 and Maria Mattsdotter Heinonen, Metsämikli 9.
There are many Jantunen tombstones shown on HisKi, mostly in Rovaniemi. Not sure where Jaakkima, Viipuri is located. There were a few elsewhere in Finland.

28-09-05, 02:58
Karen, thank you for your information but that is the wrong one. Pekka (which I have since found out is spelled Pekko) his handwriting was horrible so I thought it was an a not an o. But his father was Matts Mattsson Jantunen and mother was Anna Sigfridsdotter Mentunen married on 3/24/1872. I think I could go back further and will do that but my interest now is in finding this elusive wife and 2 kids. Where would I find marriage and births after 1900 in Jaakkima. One lady suggested that they would have married in her village not his so that may be a problem. Thanks again for all of the help, I need it. :rolleyes:

28-09-05, 23:14
Jaakkima and Viipuri used to be part of Finland, but since the second world war they´ve been part of Russia.

03-10-05, 00:50
The last post is correct that Jaakkima is now part of Russia. Does anyone know if the Russians have kept Finnish records. I have tried to look at some Russia genealogy on the web and it is very confusing or in Russian or they don't have what I need. Thanks again for your help.:confused:

June Pelo
03-10-05, 21:40

This probably isn't much help, but there are some Russian records here:

http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/indexe.htm Scroll down the left menu to Russia.


June Pelo
04-10-05, 17:49

I asked a cousin in MN if he had any suggestions about this church and he said to try:
David Kess, 105 E. Conan St., Ely, MN 55731 (218-365-3928). David lived in Virginia for
some time earlier and is very active in the Ely/ Winton Historical Society.


09-10-05, 16:17
Thank you again June. I will give David a try and see if he has any advice. Thanks again.


Roberta Rae
16-10-05, 00:24
This is scary, as I've never done this before. Hope it works.
Pekka Jantunen came from Jaakkima according to his naturalization papers. The town was spelled "Yakima" on the papers. Close enough....Isn't it?
I will try to send you a private message on this.

"Granskare" hinted at a local research center. I think the Iron Range Research Center is what was suggested. Although primarily interested in local history and genealogy, they have an online index to all of the naturalization papers for Minnesota from the 1800s through the mid-1950s. They also have the microfilm to go with the index! Check out their web site at www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org.

16-10-05, 03:07
I just could not dredge up that name so thanks for putting it online.


16-10-05, 18:06
Try to contact Karelian Database
Foundation http://personal.inet.fi/palvelu/karjala-tk/index3.htm.

The Karelian database serves various types of research on the inhabitants of the ceded Karelia region census demographics and genealogy. The Source material for the database is stored in Provincial Archives of S:t Michel. The database consists of data from parish records of parishes in the Karelian region. Data are collected from catechetical lists, lists of children, and registers of vital statistics (registers of births, marriages, migrations and deaths) from the 18th century until 1949.

Is this Edis birthday and parents?
Kivennapa - Kivinebb - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

20.12.1888 1.1.1889 Raivola Työm Antti Ahonen v:o Helena Hyökki 24 Edith Sofia

original - KKSIVU: 704d
original - KASTESRK: Rautu

I didn´t found Edi in the passport records from the Institute of Migration, only Pekka.

Last name Jantunen
First names Pekka
Other names *
Date of birth . .1882
Marital status 2
(Marital status: 1 = unmarried, 2 = married, 3 = widow, widower, 4 = divorced,)
Religion Lut.
Occupation Taloll. pka
Home parish Jaakkima
Province VII
Passport date 23.03.1909
Passport number 723
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VII
Remarks Sj vmo ja 2 lasta.

They had the same place of destination.

Last name Jantunen
First names Pekka
Age or age group 26
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Ashtabula
State of destination OH
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 283
Ship from Finland Titania
Date of departure from Finland 14.04.1909
Ship from England Ivernia
Date of departure from England 20.04.1909
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 71/58
Remarks *

Last name Ahonen
First names Edi
Age or age group 20
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Ashtabula
State of destination OH
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 278
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 03.08.1907
Ship from England Lucania
Date of departure from England 10.08.1907
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 62/36
Remarks *

I hope you get information from the Karelian database.

Christina Nordback

30-10-05, 16:24





YOu probably have all of the above....but thought I'd send just in case one of them is different/new. Good luck in your search! It's certainly, fun, exciting, interesting AND challenging!

05-11-05, 17:40
Christina thank you for all that information. My records say that Edi Ahonen was born in Karstula, Finland on 1/1/1887. So the Edith you found is not the correct one. Thank you for checking for me though.

16-05-06, 23:08
There is one church still in Virginia (Midway) called
First Apostolic Lutheran Church, 5 Laurentian Dr, Virginia 55792
(218) 749-6416

The other two listed from Virginia are no longer being used although the buildings are still there.