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23-09-05, 19:44
Can anyone help me with birth records from Helsinki. I have the following information.

Ansa Natalia JURVA - born 03 Dec 1892
Aili JURVA - born 08 May 1894
Aura JURVA - born 24 Jun 1901
Other siblings were Sylvia JURVA and Tatjana JURVA

Father was Johannes Albanus JURVA
Mother's first name was Aura or Auratti

Ansa, Aili, Aura and their father Johannes all immigrated to the USA in 1920, the others stayed in Finland.

I would like to find out their mother's maiden name and birth dates for Sylvia JURVA and Tatjana JURVA.

If you are able to do a lookup for me or direct me to where I could obtain this information please let me know.

Many thanks,