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25-09-05, 21:29
I believe this family name is associated with landowners subletting to tenant farmers in the Mona (Munsala parish) area.
Local historic records tells of a young girl Anna Stina Gästgivars, deformed in both legs and arms who was carried to church in order to sing with her gifted voice.
A Genealogia .fi website lists a Hannah Gästivars one of the founders of a Baptist church in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA in the month of October 1905.
I would like to think there are "dots to connect" with regard to this somewhat unusual name which is quite different from say Knuts, Bloomqvist, Mattsson (or Jones).

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Lasare2 (alias "Bill")

Kaj Granlund
28-09-05, 23:48
Not able to give any links here, but if you translate the name it means Inn keeper, and might tell a little of what some of the family did for their living. The name also appears in other parts of Finland.

Karen Norwillo
03-10-05, 03:10
There are several Gästgivars on Emigrant Register passenger lists. Johannes, born 1878, went to Everett, WA in 1902, Isak, Joh, and Alf. went to Red Bluff, CA in 1893, Erik J went to Ironwood, MI in 1903 and Maria went to NY in 1894. On the passport list, I found Johannes Gästgivars, born 1878, Pirttikylä, Vasa going to Everett, WA. in 1902, as above. Only passport listed for that surname.
I found 3 Gästgivars arrivals on Ellis Island.
Johannes Gästgivars, age 19, Portom, Finland, going to friend Louis Peterson in Hoboken, NJ. Nearest relative, father John Gästgivars in Portom, arrived 1910.
Verner Gästgivars, 21, Solf, Finland, going to brother Erik Wiks?, Seattle, WA, father Matts Gästgivars, Solf, arrived 1913.
Jonas Viktor Gästgivars, 17, Malaks, Finland, going to uncle Jonas ? in Seattle. Mother Mathilda Gästgivars, Malaks. A few lines above his entry is a Johannes Vilhelm Gästgivars, 17, going to uncle John Erikson, Hoquiam, WA, father Vilhelm Gästgivars.
On the Death Certificates of Finns in Grays Harbor County and Chihalis County, WA. is a Anna Sanna Johnson, born Munsala 1874, died 14 Oct 1941 Hoquiam, WA, divorced from Matts Johnson. Father: John Gästgivars, mother: Sanna Greta Sjöberg. Burial 18 Oct 1941 Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdene, WA.

03-10-05, 05:55
Vic Gästgivars married Hilma when they were both in Seattle and friends of my Malaxbo father. While in Seattle Vic published a waltz written by another Swedish Finn. Then he took a job in Anacortes Plywood and they moved north to that town. There's a photo of them in Joelle Steele's homepage.

Karen Norwillo
05-10-05, 00:04
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08-10-05, 21:43
Hello !
I have a Anna Stina Johansdotter Gästgivars born 18 sep 1852 at Gästgivars Monå ,died 1 sep 1885.Maybe this will help you?
BR Bert Lindvall

10-10-05, 00:17
Hi Bert,
Thanks for "connecting a few more dots", especially about Anna
Stina. She holds a special place in Mona history, at least in my
records. Being deformed in both arms and legs, and having to be carried even to church, but there she sang and people were blessed to hear her beautiful singing.
A farmer in Mona, who was known as "Long Erik", wanted his brother, who never went to church, to hear Anna ans so he got his horse and sleigh and brought Anna to his home. Needless to say, Erik's brother's entire attitude was changed after hearing Anna sing.
Thank you for the dates you included, indicating she lived for 33 years. I can't imagine how many times during those years Anna
found herself being lifted and carried. Singing God's praises in church was her way to say "thanks" to those who carried her in and those who caerried her out, and those who sat and listened,
among whom were my grandparents , Mårten and Lena Sofia,
and several of their children, my aunts.

Thanks again