View Full Version : Kilpinen and Seppänen

June Pelo
26-09-05, 00:38
I have a request for help in locating relatives of Fanny Seppänen, b. Jan 13, 1923, Karleby, and Hilding Emanuel Kilpinen, b. Jul 24, 1923, Karleby, d. 1994 in Florida. His mother was Ida Maria Kilpinen, b. 2 Apr 1884. She died in a nursing home in Helsinki in the 1980s. She worked for Jean Sibelius as a domestic - ironed his collars and didn't like his music!

Ida had another son Nils Helmer, b. Jan 16, 1919.

I checked HisKi, but their records don't include the above dates. Does anyone have any data on these people? And are there any relatives still living in Karleby? Their cousin in the US would like to visit or make contact via mail. She said a man named Julius Carlson used to visit them - her father said that he was a relative, but she has no data about him.