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Kay Voth
26-09-05, 01:20
Hello: I just ran across your generous offer to find our ancestors. I have tried and tried to find Simon Simonsson born 7-27-1869 probably in Kronoby or Karlaby, and came to America 4-30-1889.
No luck on Castle Garden or thru Phily or others. If I could ever find him, my family (close) would be completed. Thank you for any information if you can find him. His brother Anders Viktor Simonsson came over as Anders Viktor Stor. I have his passport information.
Their father's name was Simon Simonsson Stor, but he stayed in Finland.

26-09-05, 07:53
Your Simon Simonsson can be found in Talko

Simon Simonsson Stor

Birth 27 JUL 1869 Hopsala -> Stor hemman, Kronoby
Sex Male
Died 1 JAN 1960 declared dead
Person ID I011748

Father Simon Simonsson Stor, b. 15 OCT 1840, Hopsala -> Stor hemman, Kronoby
Mother Maria Henriksdr Spikbacka, b. 31 MAY 1845, Hopsala, Kronoby


* ## USA & 1889-04-30

His pedigree can be found in Talko. A small snapshot is attached.

You have a lot of relatives on Finlander since many of us are from Kronoby and surroundings...

Kay Voth
26-09-05, 19:10
I do have the whole family tree for the Simonsson's. On your post it said " a small snapshot" but there was nothing that I could see. I do see the family pedigree, but since I do not have a normal computer I cannot read any of it.

Can you tell me if there is any information as to what Port he came to in the United States? That is what I am really trying to find. He may have changed his name like his brother Victor did, so that is the reason I cannot find him in any census. I never heard my grandfather or great uncle talk about their brother Simon. Some said they thought he came to Oregon, but I cannot find any deaths here in Oregon of that name. Mostly, I would just like to know where he entered the United States when he immigrated.

There does not seem to be any marriage for him either listed back in the Parish from what I understand.

Thank you . Kay