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26-09-05, 20:41
Does enyone know enything about these two sisters?

Edla Sofia Simonsdotter Pfs, born in Tlby 1866 07 10. Died in America 1900 08 29.

Maria Emilia Simonsdotter Pfs, born in Tlby 1869 04 18. Died in America 1893 05 10. None of them were married for as far as I know.

MVH Kerstin

Were in America did they live?

26-09-05, 23:15
Edla Pfs intended destination was Minneapolis according to the Ellis Island records. Oberpanen, Fina in the list of co-travelers ought to be Fina Korhonen. All of them were heading for Minneapolis.

Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page # 0402
Pafs, Ella Jul 30, 1895 Bremen 0004
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Manifest for Saale
Sailing from Bremen
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence

0001. Hallberg, Ida F 29y M Finnish
0002. Hallberg, Anna F 24y S Finnish
0003. Hallberg, Johan M 11m S Finnish
0004. Pafs, Ella F 29y S Finnish
0005. Oberpanen, Fina F 49y S Finnish

Note added:
Fina Korhonen belongs actually to the next group of nine passengers with destination New York. Among them a Maria Jouhten :)