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:confused: I have hit a point where I am totally stuck in my genealogy! I've been working on it for about 2-3 years and could sure use some ideas/help? I'm hoping to visit Finland in the next year or so, but would like to be further along before doing so...with knowing the villages, etc.?
I'm 1/2 Finn, and my family all came from northern MN. My mom's family came from Finland all around 1900 or so. I have made progress with a few, but don't know who came of the siblings, who didn't and in some cases I simply have an arrival date here or less. My Grandpa had cousins visit many years ago I'm told...and we have 2 postcards...but no identifying information other than a photo. Thank you for any help!
1) Isak Haanpaa, 1880 Tuomikyla Finland to MN in 1903 (no parentage known)
m. Susonna Katri Pihlaja, 1879 Imajoki Finland (daughter of Matti and Sanna), arrived US 1903.
2) Jaako Heikinpoika Nahkala, b. 1882 Revonlahti (son of Henrik J and Greta Liisa?), emmigrated 1901.
m. Ida Backman, b. 1887 Oulu (daughter of John Backman and widow Katarina Saukkola...re-married to John Salo in MI when arrived in US?) Ida emmigrated about 1890 with her mother and brother Jack?

I have more information on Nahkala aka Heilanen/Heilala, and a tiny bit on Pihlaja and Pietila.
Other cities/communities are: Liminka, Kevonlahti, Revonlahti, Oulu, Paavola.

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if you have town and city names, that could be useful.
I have free access to Swedish language church books plus a few Finnish language churches so towns names are useful.
welcome to sfhs,

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I don't have much re: cities/villages in Finland. I'm not sure what to do next as that's where I'm getting very stuck...besides some others where I just haven't made progress to begin with. The following is pretty much all I have except for some notes. Thank you for your welcome and thoughts/help!

1) Isak Haanpaa, b. Jan 1 1880 Tuomikyla Finland. Emmigrated to MN in 1903 (no parentage known). Died 1970, MN.

m. Susonna Katri Pihlaja, b.1879 Imajoki Finland (to Matti and Sanna), arrived US 1903.

Matti was born 1854, Finland, d. 1920 MN, son of Jacob (b. abt 1835 Finland) and Kaisa (b abt 1835 Finland). No City or Villages in Finland.

Sanna, b. 9-20-1853, Finland, daughter of Isaack and Mary Dal? (Dol?/Doole?). No City/village. Died 1920, MN

2) Jaako Heikinpoika Nahkala, b. 1882 Revonlahti (son of Henrik J and Greta Liisa?, b abt 1860 Finland, D 1945 MN), emmigrated 1901.

Henrik Jacobson Nahkala, b. 1860 Kevonlahti, d. 1945 MN. Son of Jacob Samelson Nahkala, b about 1825 Kevonlahti and Beata Zachrisdotter Pietila, b. abt 1830 Paavola, Finland. Married 6-7-1850 in Revonlahti, Finland.
Jacob and Beata had the following children: Henrik, Maria, Brita, Emil, Kaisa, Pieta, Liisa, Maria, Jacob.

Jacob was the son of Simon Samelson Heilanen, b 1764 Liminka, Finland and Maria Siponpeldo, b abt 1765 Finland. (I found a Maria that was Christened 2-26-1758, Liminka, Oulu, Finland?) They were married 4-4-1788 Liminka Finland.
Children of Simon and Maria: Jacob, Samuel (b 4-12-1789), Henriak, Isaac, Sakari, Beata, Matti, Joseph.

Maria was the daughter of Joh Siponpeldo and Brita.

Jaako H. Nahkala m. Ida Backman, b. 1887 Oulu (daughter of John Backman and widow Katarina Saukkola...re-married to John Salo in MI when arrived in US, and then unknown Erickson at abt age 60, moving to state of WA?) Ida emmigrated about 1890 with her mother and brother Jack.

27-09-05, 16:14
MN Birth Index
Haanpaa, Emil Matias Date of Birth: 03/31/1905 County of Birth: St. Louis
Mother Maiden Name: Pihlaja Certid # 1905-24490

Haanpaa, George Date of Birth: 04/23/1910 County of Birth: St. Louis
Mother Maiden Name: Pihlaja Certid # 1910-25341
MN Death Index http://people.mnhs.org/dci/

1978-MN-002127, EMIL, MATT, HAANPAA, , 03/31/1904, 01/17/1978, MINNESOTA, HENNEPIN, KATRI,

1907-55-329, ALICE, , HANPAA, , , 12/09/1907, MN, ST. LOUIS, BIHLAYA,

1970-MN-026670, ISAAC, , HAANPAA, , 01/01/1880, 10/25/1970, OUT OF STATE, ST. LOUIS, (NO RECORD),

1958-MN-016131, SANNA, KATRI, HAANPAA, , 11/28/1879, 02/07/1958, OUT OF STATE, ST. LOUIS, NO RECORD,

St. Louis County MN Death Index



St. Louis County MN Obituaries http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/stlobtal.htm
b 21 May 1889 Finland, d 7 May 1970 Duluth, MN - survived by son Walter, dtr Lillian Drang, sister Anna Latvala (Finland) Akramar53*aol.com (Anna Kramar)

1945-MN-013874, GRETA, LIISA, NAHKALA, , , 04/26/1945, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1948-MN-014756, MRS (IDA) JACK, , NOHKALA, , , 07/25/1948, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1960-MN-017041, RALPH, HENRY, NAHKALA, , 08/21/1909, 05/23/1960, MINNESOTA, ST. LOUIS, BECKMAN,
1927-MN-025163, JACK, , NASKALA, , , 02/10/1927, , ST. LOUIS, ,

FLOODWOOD CEMETERY-Additional Floodwood, MN 55736
Mahlenta (Nahkala), Jack Blk 3, Lot 5; New Section

St. Louis County, MN Marriage Index --M--
Book Page Name of Groom Name of Bride App. Date App. Place Marriage Date & Place
H 165 Mattila, Matti Nahkala, Katie 1892-07-14 Duluth 1892-07-15 Ely

I also found an obituary for Doris Virginia Nahkala, 86, Funeral at the Range Funeral Home in Virginia, MN wife of Ralph Henry Nahkala died on Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2001. http://www.virginiamn.com/mdn/Obits.phpobit_id_ser=43438&date=2004-03-30 12-27-2001

and one for Janice G. Haanpaa died March 28, 2004, wife of Edmond W. Haanpaa 3-30-2004

At http://www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org/genealogy/
are searchable databases (which at this time are down) for alien registration and naturalization. Also the parish where people were born is often listed on the shipping records.

27-09-05, 16:43
Emil is a direct match! That's my maternal grandfather. Had his middle name as Matthew so I love what you found.

I'm not sure who George would be? His brothers were Toivo, b 1909 and Urho, b 1912...unless my dates are inaccurate or there was another family member we don't know about!? Maybe a cousin???

Isaac was Emil's father...my great grand-father.
Sanna Katri was his wife...my great grand-mother.

I'm not sure who Alice would be? Will do more searching and talk to my mom also.

Not sure about Oscar Haanpaa either. I'll have to read that Obit and check more there as well.

Greta Liisa would be my great-great grandmother, Ralph Henry a great uncle!- Both on maternal side.
Ida would likely be my great grandmother on my mom's maternal side,, even with the miss-spelling as that year seems to match.

I don't know about the Jack Naskala, that's listed...or the Floodwood Cemetary listing for Jack Nahkala. I'll have to ask about that one as well!

thank you again! I can't believe the generosity and help of others in genealogy...as I try to learn this process!:)

27-09-05, 19:53
I was hoping that you had town and state in America because I have access to American and Canadian church films.


28-09-05, 10:20
There are quite a few Haanpaa people listed in the MN death index. I posted the birth listing for George because the details matched with Emils. Perhaps he died very young?
I located this birth for a Toivo but yr is wrong as is mother
Haapa, Toivo Richard Date of Birth: 02/07/1910 County of Birth: Carlton
Mother Maiden Name: Ainali certid# 1910-03105

1934-MN-014092, WILLIAM, TOIVO, HAANPAA, , , 08/30/1934, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1915-MN-011896, ANVO, FRIDIOLPH, PIHLAJA, , , 10/12/1915, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1918-MN-016235, ISACK, ANSELIN, PIHLAJA, , , 12/20/1918, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1920-MN-013907, SANNA, ,PIHLAJA, , ,02/18/1920, ,ST. LOUIS, ,
1920-MN-013912, MATTI, , PIHLAJA, , , 10/16/1920, , ST. LOUIS, ,

1921-MN-012241, LINDA, , PIHLAJA, , , 03/31/1921, , ST. LOUIS, ,

St. Louis County MN Death Index 1900-1924
I wasn't able to locate Matt Pihlaja on this index.

St. Louis County MN Death Index

In the 1910 census I found.
Surname: NAHKALA Given Name: JOHN
Age: 26 Sex: M Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
T624-Roll: 723 Part: 1 Page: 207 Subpage: A
State: MN

Surname: HAMPA Given Name: ISAAC
Age: 30 Sex: M Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
T624-Roll: 723 Part: Page: 210 Subpage: B
State: MN

This site lists obituaries from Duluth newspapers from about 1962. A search by surname only works.

Have you searched the Finnish Immigration site?
Perhaps the name was originally Haanpää? If you locate a passport record or passenger record another member may be able to look up the full details.


29-09-05, 07:47
The cities/towns in MN included Eveleth, Virginia, Cherry township....as far as I know. Those are the ones that have primarily come up. They may have moved around within those areas to other smaller townships...but those are the main cities/towns in St Louis county Minnesota they lived and died in.
thank you all!

04-10-05, 06:46
I will post a couple of postcards related to Haanpaa, on the recognize site. Maybe someone will recognize the home or family?
There are pieces missing in the US that I probably need...but I am hoping to find more links to Finland, especially to this family since I know there was somebody there not all that long ago!?

Kaisu Mikkelä
10-10-05, 06:14

I think, that we are relatives. :)

I am living in the southwestern Finland, but I was born in Vihanti, near Paavola, where my father´s grandfather was born. I think that your forefather Jacob Samuels Nahkala is his brother.

My father´s grandfather was Matts Samuelss. Mikkelä, before Nahkala, before Heilala. Matts was born 5.1.1834 in Heilala in Paavola, the village of Lappi. He went with his family to Revonlahti (Nahkala). From there he soon went to Vihanti and he married Maria Michaelsdr Mikkelä (born 23.3.1836 Vihanti). Matts was a farmer, but he immediately started to do countryside business, when it was possible in Finland about 1860.

His father Samuel Simons , born 4.12.1789 Paavola (Heilala) married Brita Ericsdr (born 30.9.1796 possibly Hämeenaho in Paavola). Samuel died 9.7.1850 and Brita died 23.2.1868 Revonlahti, Nahkala.

His father Simon Samuels born 6.2.1764 Paavola, Heilala and died 24.9.1832 Paavola. His wife was Greta Josefsdr Siponpelto (born 2.3.1764 or 2.3.1766 Temmes) and died 27.10.1833 Paavola, Heilala.

His father was Samuel Samulelss (born 14.4.1720, died 1792 Paavola,
Heilala). His wife was Elisabet Påhlsdr (born 12.1.1727 Siikajoki, Revonlahti, Nahkala, died 1770 Paavola, Heilala). II wife 1788 Anna Jacobsdr.

Greta´s father was Josef Josefs, was born 1729 Liminka, Tyrnävä (Kirstinä, 2. house), died 18.1.1792 Temmes, Siponpelto eli Koskela.

I regret, that it is not easy to write in English.


23-10-05, 17:45
A breakthrough!?!
I will check the information you sent with what I have, which is not very much, and hope that it is a good match!!
If you have trouble writing in English, do your best...but I can go to an older couple I know here in Wisconsin that speak and read Finn for help if we need it!
Thank you for your response

23-10-05, 17:50
I have the name Heilanen before Heilala. This is from a family member who did research while in Finland many years ago. I cannot verify what he found or obtained however.
I can send you the details of what his information was.
Should I put it here or would you like my email?
Thank you for your response

23-10-05, 20:22
I believe that the differences are probably minor, and this is probably correct.
I tried to attach a file with what I have for you to see the siblings that I had been told of, etc...but it is too large for the Finlander Forum.
Do you find my email under the profile so that we could maybe send something larger that way?
Again, I can ask Eva and Allan for help with the language if you need it.

24-10-05, 14:07
The current limit for attaching pictures etc. on Finlander today is 1 MB, ie quite sufficient for posting pictures. Most pdf -files also are quite compact. Word files should be saved in rtf. If a file is too large, zip the file and post that one instead!

I would suggest - if it is a picture - that you'd edit the picture and save it into a jpeg file format. Most posted pictures on this forum are abt. 80-200 kB.

If you have problems posting a file you may send it to me to the sfhs [at] e-brev.nu -address and I'll squeeze it for you and post it.


25-10-05, 03:49
You are all so helpful and nice!
Thank you!

30-10-05, 19:58
updated file attached, omitting last few generations, as some are still living.

07-11-05, 03:01
This matches quite well, althought I didn't have dates for most, and a couple of names are slightly different or I had one vs. they had another?
Hope this helps you also with trying to link our families...to my others responses!!
Pietilä/ Nahkala
Part two

Farm owner Jaakko Samuli’s son Nahkala b. on Mar 27, 1825 in Revonlahti. Married on June 7, 1850 in Revonlahti, spouse Pieta Sakari’s daughter Pietilä b. on May 26, 1827 in Paavola and d. on Jan 18, 1889 in Revonlahti. Pieta moved from Paavola to Revonlahti on June 5, 1850. Family lived in Nahkala house (number 7) in Revonlahti.

Riitta b. on Aug 2, 1851 in Revonlahti, d. on Dec 2, 1851 in Revonlahti.
Kreetta b. on Oct 16, 1852 in Revonlahti.
Heikki b. on Apr 24, 1855 in Revonlahti.
Pieta b. on Nov 1, 1857 in Revonlahti.
Maria b. on Sep 30, 1859 in Revonlahti.
Liisa b. on Aug 17, 1862 in Revonlahti.
Jaakko Eemeli b. on Feb 14, 1865 in Revonlahti, d. on Jan 19, 1866 in Revonlahti.
Kaisa b. on Aug 3, 1868 in Revonlahti.
Matti b. on Nov 18, 1872 in Revonlahti.

29-11-05, 07:06
Katarina Saukkola Backman..may have actually been Kristina. when they emmigrated in about 1890, she supposedly left a sister in Finland according to a family letter I just found. It also stated that her husband had died during a cholera epidemic...and she supposedly emmigrated into Canada then to Sault St Marie?

RE: Haanpaa...a letter written by my grandfather Emil stated that his grandparents names were Sam and Mary and that his father Isak left his eldest brother in Finand with an address in Vaasa, Tumomi who lived to be about 93. The brother had a daughter who's name was Elma, m name Jussila. She would have been born abt 1901.
The photos I posted in the other section...are of their home and Isak's brother, Elma, etc....however!! Any suggestions on how I might proceed from here? I do not know if Elma and her spouse had any children, whether they stayed in that address/home I have from 1971, etc.
bbj:) :)

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01-02-06, 02:10
Hello again!

I am sorry that I could not open your attachment. Can you try to send with Word-program.

Kaisu Mikkelä

Kaisu Mikkelä
01-02-06, 02:39

It is easier to communicate normally by emails. Where I can find your email address?


Kaisu Mikkelä
01-02-06, 03:11
I have the foto, where you can see my father`s grandfather Matti Samuels. Mikkelä (before Nahkala, born 5.1.1834 Heilala in Paavola parish) and his wife Maria Michaelsdr Mikkelä. Can I send it to you?


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My computer was down for a very long time.
Most recently, my father in law passed away very unexpectedly....so I have not been online or doing any genealogy in months.
I just double checked that my profile had my email included! If you click on the "profile" box under this message, mine will pop up and you will be able to email me thru there.

15-02-06, 07:22

Actually mailing that way is not possible at the moment, since that email function has been disabled. If you intend discussing "off the forum" you should use the PM functionality.


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The public discussion is fine with me, including the sending/attaching of the photo mentioned, unless the sender has a reason to want to send it privately?
Is it of concern to list my email within the body of these postings so that the photo could be emailed to me, if that is her preference?
Thank you!

21-04-06, 20:07
Family Group Sheet
Henrik Jacobson Nahkala Husband:
24 Apr 1855 Born: revonlahti, Finland in:
1945 Died: SAINT LOUIS, Minnesota in:
Jacob Samuelsson Nahkala Father:
Beata Zachrisdotter Pietila Mother:

Greta Liisa Johansdr. Kurola Wife:
Abt. 1860 Born: Finland in:
1945 Died 1: SAINT LOUIS, Minnesota in:

1 Jaakko Heikinpoika Nahkala Name:
30 May 1882 Born 1: revonlahti, oulu, Finland in:
1882 Born 2:
30 Apr 1882 Born 3: Revonlahti, oulun laani, finland in:
10 Feb 1961 Died: Eveleth, MN in:
Ida Backman Spouse:

2 Johannas Nahkala Name:
14 Jan 1884 Born 1: Finland in:
1884 Born 2: Finland in:
1888 Born 3: Finland in:
Abt. 1940 Died: karelia, russia in:
Abt. 1905 Married:
Suoii Nahkala Spouse:
3 Heikki Nahkala Name:
4 Breta Maria Nahkala Name:
5 Pekka Nahkala Name:
Abt. 1886 Born: abt 1887 in: F
6 Joseppi Nahkala Name:
Abt. 1887 Born: abt 1888 in: M
7 Maria Nahkala Name
Jacob Samuelsson Nahkala - Natural Relationship with Father:
Beata Zachrisdotter Pietila - Natural Relationship with Mother:
1905 Residence:
oulu, finland

Looking for birth/family information on Henrik's spouse?
Also, any Nahkala siblings listed.

Thank you for any help!
Greta Liisa Johansdr. Kurola Wife:
Abt. 1860 Born: Finland

Kaisu Mikkelä
22-04-06, 05:01

You wrote:
" Looking for birth/family information on Jacob's spouse?
Also, any Nahkala siblings listed.

Thank you for any help!
Greta Liisa Johansdr. Kurola Wife:
Abt. 1860 Born: Finland"

Did I understand correctly? Was Greta Lisa Kurola Jacob´s spouse or
Henric´s spouse?


22-04-06, 05:25
Yes...should have been Henriks wife/spouse!
thank you for catching my mistake!