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27-09-05, 09:09
I am looking for my relatives: Usko Immanuel Kaarle´son Oksa b. 11- 3-1891, Uurainen.Ellis Island Records/Passenger Record ; Date of Arrival: 18.4.1913, Age : 22y, Ship of Travel: Adriatic, Port of Departure: Liverpool, Manifest Line Number: 0030 and Onni Axel Topias´son Ränssi b. 13-12-1873, Jkl mlk.Ellis Islands Records/Passenger Record ; Onni Ransi Date of Arrival: 29.12.1901, Age: 28y, Ship of Travel: Hekla, Port of Departure: Copenhagen, Manifest Line Number: 0028

01-10-05, 01:34
The ships manifest for Hekla shows
Onni Ränsi destination was NY and stayed at
Address: Sulo Salonen, 3913 Hamilton Ave, NY
this is the same destination as that of fellow traveller
Tobias PIRTINEN where it lists "brother-in-laws".

I wasn't able to find Onni on the 1910 census index, nor Tobias Pirt/tinen however I did find that Tobias made a number of trips to the US.

Uska Oksa destination was Ashtabula, OHIO.
To friend Artur Immonon, 8 Market St, Ashtabula Co, OH.

Hope this helps.

June Pelo
01-10-05, 02:02
Bob Gerow has some Oksa names in Ironwood, Michigan.


01-10-05, 02:59
Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran

29w Mathilda Oksa f Westerberg Mar 24 1873 Kronoby 1892 S 21-6

Mathilda Westerberg married an Oksa who was not a church member - perhaps she is part of the famly?


June Pelo
01-10-05, 18:49
There's some mail about Oksa here - in Finnish:

http://www.genealogia.fi/indexe.htm Click on Search the Site and then enter Oksa into the search box.