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Åke Jaskari
27-09-05, 18:17
The folloving record I find at Internet. Are there some one who knows someting of the persons on the recording. My grandmother was born Nordling and one of her relatives was Evald Emil Nordling born 23.9,1867 in Vasa, Finland?

part IV (M-)

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Odd Fellows Cemetery.
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not transcribed.
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part IV (M-)

This large cemetery is one of four located southeast of the
intersection of North Street and Cleveland Avenue on the south
side of Olympia.

NORDLING, Carrie 23 Oct 1967 age 86
NORDLING, Evald Emil 01 Jul 1942 age 74

Karen Norwillo
27-09-05, 22:39
Here's what I found on Ancestry.com.
1900 Census for Tacoma, Pierce, WA Nordling E E,age 32, Finland, to US 1886, born Sept 1867, married 12 yrs, is a boarder, occupation cooper (barrel maker)

1910 Census Richland, Benton, WA
Nordling Emil, 41 married twice, 2 yrs in present marriage, laborer
Nordling Carrie, 28, married once, 2 yrs present marriage, no children, listed as a servant private family

1920 Census S Grandview, Yakima, WA
Nordling Earl E (clearly says Evall) 51, married, US 1886, Finn, farmer
Nordling Carrie, 39, born WI, parents Norway
Nordling Francis, 7, daughter, born WA

1930 Census same place in WA
Nordling Emil E, 61, married at 37, Finn, 1886, farmer
Nordling Carrie, 48, married at 26, WI
Nordling Francis A, daughter, 17, single, WA

SSDI Carrie Nordling born 17 May 1881 died 15 Oct 1967 Tacoma, Pierce, WA

Åke Jaskari
27-09-05, 23:26
Thanks Karen!
Now is the first time someone here in Vasa, Finland hears someting concerning my mothers moters brother Evald Emil Nordling.
My mother and grandmother always tells that Evald died 1906 in San Fransisco, and that was what the family belieft, because they newer heart from Emil, after he left Finland.

30-09-05, 05:23
I called a relative who lives in Tumwater and is very interested in the Finnish community there. She's going to look around and see if anyone remembers the Nordling family.

Åke Jaskari
30-09-05, 08:47
Thanks Syrene!
I await too hear someting concerning the Nordling family ower there in U.S.A. becouse I hawe never belived that he can evaporate whitout any notices in some records or in someones memory.

11-10-05, 03:03
Hi Åke!
I've received the address for the descendent of Emil and Carrie Nordling, who still lives in Olympia WA. If you email me privately, I'll be glad to forward it to you.
The Swedish Finn Historical Society
"Building Bridges"