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Gita Wiklund
01-09-03, 23:30
My name is Gita and I was born in Helsinki where my fathers roots go 5 generations back. My mother descend from Kyrkslätt where her fathers roots go back to at least 1540 probably more. I started researching these lines not very long ago, but have already found out much more than I ever expected thanks to HisKi and the digitalized online searchable papers from the 19th century and other resources on the internet, including the finlander mailing list, where I unexpectedly found a fifth cousin! My family moved to Sweden when I was 6 years old, and I now live in Uddevalla on the west coast. My g grandfather probably made an attempt or two to emigrate, but came back. He left some travelnotes from a trip to Brazil, and I found him and his family in the passagerlist in the Ellis Island archive.

I study Library and Information science at Borås Högskola and I´m interested in almost everything but knitting ;)

Shirley King
01-09-03, 23:37
Gita, I did not realize you worked in Borås!
I was an exchange student to Teknis in 1975 - 76 school year and lived the whole time with the Carlerbäck family that owned CWJohanssons at the time. Are you familiar with them? I realize it has been a very long time ago and I bet Borås has changed alot since.:rolleyes:

Gita Wiklund
02-09-03, 00:02
Hi Shirley,

I´m just studying at the University College of Borås and it´s distant studies so I only go there for lectures and seminars once in a while. Borås has probably changed quite a bit since the 70´s and although the name Carlebäck somehow rings a bell (hmmm...) I´m not familiar with them, no. :)

Shirley King
04-09-03, 18:40
It is you? How cute!!!

Gita Wiklund
04-09-03, 20:15
Yes it`s me!!..or was, I was 5 years old and still living in Finland.
(I´m not as cute today ;) )