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21-09-03, 19:51
Seeking information on: a man who possibly worked as a government employee (Navy engineer) in the US. He is an ancestor of mine and my wife’s. ERIK GUSTAF FRYK- BERG, b. 1827 in Sweden, studied to become an engineer and took the exam in 1850 at the Technological Institute in Stockholm. He emigrated first to Finland and worked at a factory in Tykö in 1850. In 1851, he went to St. Petersburg and worked for the Duke of Leuchenberg’s and Nobels’ factory until around 1856. I believe Nobels worked for the Russian military constructing mines and torpedoes. Frykberg married ANNA MARIA ALEXANDROVA in St Petersburg on September 15, 1852. They had a son on March 1, 1855 in St. Petersburg. Erik Gustaf went back to Sweden, but in 1865 he returned to the Russian Navy establishment in Kronstad and worked as a draftsman 1865-1866. When he returned to Sweden, he and his wife Anna had four children: Nikolaj, Maria, Alexander, and Eugene. From St. Petersburg, he went to Archangel until 1874, when he reportedly went to the USA. He may have worked there and died in Boston in 1882. At least one of his sons worked at a navy yard (Alexander, b. 1861, d. 1933, CT). How can I learn about his career, where he lived, and whether or not he was a government employee? All information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your effort in advance.
Jan Frykberg, Enköping, Sweden

15-01-04, 23:29
Hi Jan,
Erik Frykberg is not on the emigranten cd by that name but there are other Frykbergs there.

I did not find him on a Massachusetts City Directory cd for 1885-1897 which included Boston.

The only Frykberg I did locate on the MA cd was a name named Charley K Frykberg. His occupation: painter. He boards with Mrs Thollden's in the Norris block, Main, in Lexington MA in 1890.

Chuck Mäki

Wendy G
05-07-19, 05:55
Hi Jan
I just spotted your thread. I cant help you with Erik's employment history but I see he was the brother of my great grandfather Bengt Ludwig Wilhelm Frykberg (born 1831). I have genealogy dating back to 1500s Ludolf Olbers if you are interested.
My father was Kola Per Olaf Frykberg.
We are actually on our way to Sweden to trace his ancestral roots :)