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28-09-05, 03:49
Hello Everybody,
My cousins and I have been researching our Finland Family Tree from Oravais, Korsna, Vaasa, Narpes regions. Our older relatives who knew the stories and history have all passed on. We now wish we would have listened closer to know our heritage better. Mostly getting dead ends, but at least we have a starting place from a Family Tree that was sent to my Mom many years ago.
So glad to have found this site!

Shirley King
02-10-05, 21:19
Welcome to the Finlander Forum. This is the place to be if you are researching your Finnish heritage. Just place your questions on the Geneology or relatives search ads and wait to see what happens!! I bet you know alot more than what I did when I started. Now I have hundreds of living cousins and dead relatives going back to the 1500's:D .
Good luck to you!
Shirley King from Nevada, where there doesn't seem to be any Finns:confused: .

10-10-05, 19:08
Welcome to Finlander Forum.I think you have to send some more material to this Forum before any people can help you with your researches. ;) I know we have several members from this region.Best regards , Bert Lindvall