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28-09-05, 23:34
My grandmothers uncle, Tuomas Komi, left Finland in 1909 and moved to America. First he arrived Portland,Maine, and from there he went, i suppose, to Crow Wing and in 1913 he got married.
He´s wife was Mary, who had three children from her first marriage.
Tuomas and Mary never got children together.

Now i.d like to know, if Marys children evr got married and had children,who still might be aliveand remember something of Tuomas.

Finally, here´s some facts:

Tuomas Komi, born 1.5.1882 in Jääski,Finland and died 4.4.1952 in Crow Wing.
Mary Komi, born 10.1.1875 in Finland and died 10.3.1962 in Crow Wing.
Marys children from the first marriage:
Francis L Jackson , born 1906 Wisconsin
Bertha Jackson, born 1910 Wisconsin
Elmer E Jackson, born 1911 Wisconsin