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30-09-05, 01:53

I had this message on the Finland translation site, but no response. since my descendents were Swedish living in Finland, this is probably where it belongs.

I found this message on the back of what appears to be a school picture of teenage boys and girls. They are all dressed in dark clothing. The girls are wearing long dark brown or black dresses and the boys are wearing dark suits , some with ties and vests. I suspect it is a picture of my granadfather Charles Karl Hellgren, who immigrated from Oravais 05/06/1900.
The words on the back are: Ett mine fran (dot above the a) Karga Hem (or Herr). It is a bit difficult to make out the last word.
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30-09-05, 06:51
A memory from Karga home

Could be the name of the farmstead.

01-10-05, 01:34
Thank you for the translation, Syrene. It is much apreciated. maybe Karga is the home and a clue for us to follow, too!


Kaj Eriksson
28-10-05, 10:00
Kello Theda,

The sentense you had was: Ett minne från karga hem.
I would translate it: a memory from his barren home.

barren = worthless for cultivation.

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30-03-06, 04:48
Hello Kaj,

I just saw your tranlation of "a memory from his barren home". It sounds very sad to me. Thank you and I will pass this on to our family reunion in August.

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30-03-06, 06:56
Dear Theda,
Please send your Family reunion information to Gunnar Damström, the SFHS Quarterly editor, at <bergvik*msn.com>
for inclusion in the Events Calendar. We try to encourage reunions, because so often the cousins put it off and put it off, and suddenly the older generation is gone, and there is no one to ask about the family history.

Appreciate that!