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June Pelo
01-10-05, 23:32
We have another turn in our search for the Swan/Joutsen family. In K-G Olin's book "Guld och röda skogar" there is this:

Joutsen, Herman, lawyer in Berkeley 1920

The reference given is:

Perala, John, "Berkeley, California Finns. As excerpted from 1894-1925 Berkley Gazette," Finnish-American Historical Society of the West, Pioneer Series Vol. 17, No. 1, May 1989

Do you know anyone who might be able to look into this source to see if it offers any additional information? John Swan's brother Herman Jouhten emigrated to the US in 1895 and we think Herman Joutsen, Lawyer, could be his brother. Does anyone have the book or can look in the book to see what it says.

Also, we have learned that after John Swan's wife Edla died in 1935 he moved to California and remarried - or he remarried and then moved to California - we don't know which was first. Is it possible to check CA marriages after 1935 to see if John Swan married in CA?


June Pelo
05-10-05, 01:54
Now that we have found John Swan's paternal line, I've been busy adding data to my database, and just did a calculation that shows John Swan was my 9th cousin! We're pretty sure that the daughter Olga went to the same school in Murick as my father did - he was born 1891.

We have also discovered that John's 3 brothers Herman, Antti and Oskari also came to the US - something that he never mentioned in any of his interviews. One used the name Jouhten, one used Swan and the other used Jantsen.

Here's the family (in Swedish):

1. Aleksi Matinpoika (Mattsson) Jouhten f. 05-09-1848, i Evijärvi, g. Riika Antintytär (Andersdr) Nääs , f. 15-02-1850, i Evijärvi, d. 18-03-1922, Nedervetil. Aleksi dog 13-09-1915, Nedervetil. Infl. fr. Evijärvi 20-01-1890.
2. i Herman Jouhten f. 06-04-1871, i Evijärvi, g. Selma Sofia Zachrisdr Thorström , f. 18-03-1875, i Himango, till USA 1895. Herman to the USA 1895.
3. ii Antti Jouhten f. 30-09-1874, i Evijärvi, to Karleby 1890.
4. iii Matti Svan-Jouhten f. 07-10-1877, i Evijärvi, to Helsingfors 12-03-1897. Svan fr. c. 1894.
5. iv Aleksi Jouhten f. 06-02-1881, Evijärvi, d. 03-03-1881 in Evijärvi.
6. v Aleksi Jouhten f. 11-01-1882, i Evijärvi, d. 11-04-1909, buried 18-04 in Nedervetil.
7. vi Elias Jouhten f. 18-12-1885, i Evijärvi, d. 29-03-1903, b. 05-04 in Nedervetil.
8. vii Oskari Jouhten f. 01-11-1888, i Evijärvi, till Amerika 15-08-1905, d. 11-04-1910, in America.
9. viii Olga Maria Jouhten f. 24-04-1892, i Nedervetil på Broända, d. 16-03-1907, b. 24-03 in Nedervetil.

All the children died of consumption (lungsot). So did Oskari who died in America. The father, Aleksi, died of "unspecified illness"(öfrig sjukdom) and Riika died of stroke (slag).


05-10-05, 07:09
Dear June,
I went through the FAHTW monograph on Berkley Finns and found no reference to Herman. I hope I just didn't read too fast. However, maybe a note to K-G Olin would help? He's a member of Finlander. If he can point me to a page which I could double check?

June Pelo
05-10-05, 22:14

Yes, I know K-G and I'll drop a note to him to see if he can help.


June Pelo
05-10-05, 22:36
We just got word from John's grandson that John Swan died 27 Sep 1956 in Petaluma, Sonoma, CA of a heart problem. He had remarried to a woman named Hanna and they had been living there about 4 years. His second wife Hanna gave the information to authorities about his death, but she didn't know his birthdate nor the names of his parents and she gave his occupation as carpenter.

We don't know who she was, but they evidently married sometime between 1935 and 1956, either in MA or CA.

Now we speculate the reason why he moved clear across the country - if Herman the lawyer was his older brother, did he move to be near him? Did he have some other reason for moving to CA and breaking off contact with his family? Why did he lose interest in his musical career? Guess we may never know.