View Full Version : Jfs/Josskarhu

Karen Norwillo
03-10-05, 01:08
My maternal grandmother's line runs through these families from Vr. I am wondering if there is any connection to the Jfs name also found in Esse? All of the family names I have are from the Rekipeldo, Vr area, but in perusing TALKO, I saw the name in Esse back as far as 1734 with the birth of Lisa Henriksdotter Jfs. The oldest Josskarhu name I have from Vr is Margaretha Josskarhu born in 1605. Was this a village or farm name? Were there two places with the same name? Eventually, when Greta Simonsdotter Josskarhu married Matts Mrtensson Ruths-Forss in 1834, the name switched to Forss/Fors/ Forslund. Thanks, Karen