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04-10-05, 12:22
I am looking for information on an ancestor Hannu Antinp Särkijärvi born 24 Dec 1710 in Evijärvi, Finland, died 6 Mar 1786 in Evijärvi, Finland. He married Beata Juhont Kurila who was born in 1706, died 23 Aug 1771 in Evijärvi, Finalnd. They had a son Juho Hannunp Särkijärvi born in 1732 in Evijärvi, Finland. Juho married Maria Tuomaant Kammerback in 1768. I am looking for parents and siblings if anyone is able to help, thank you in advance.

June Pelo
04-10-05, 17:33

I have the following as parents to Hannu:

Hans Andersson Särkijärvi, b. 24 Dec 1710, Evijärvi, d. 6 Mar 1786, Evijärvi married to Beata Johansdotter Kurila, b. 1706, d. 23 Aug 1771, Evijärvi.

I also have a sister for Hannu:
Beata Hansdotter, b. 2 Dec 1745, Evijärvi, d. 28 Dec 1818, Vimpeli, married 13 Dec 1767 in Evijärvi to Erik Henriksson Säksjärvi, b. 24 Apr 1745, Vimpeli, d. 17 Dec 1818, Vimpeli, son of Henrik Jakobsson Sääksjärvi and Maja Eriksdotter Kultalahti. I think you can find more about them on Talko.


31-03-06, 00:44
Dear June,

Thank you. Sorry, I have not been on here for some time. I get so busy. I will follow this all up.

Many thanks.