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m. kemi
06-10-05, 22:20
Hi everyone,

I am new member on this list and I live in Oulu, Finland. I have researched my family roots for 10 years. It is so interesting and challenging!!
I have tried to find some information about this Juho Edward Wiitanen for a long time. The only certain thing I know about him is that he was born in America 1880 and he came to Finland at least 1907 with his relative. In 1907 he married my grandmother.
His father Antti left Finland before Juho's birth. I don't know where his parents got married.
I think his father Antti was born in Pulkkila and I think his brother Matti moved to America too, but I only assume so....
In Pulkkila parish records was written that there lived many Wiitanen families and some of their childrens names looked very familiar....
My gmother died last year and she was able to remember only few things about her father. She knew nothing about Juho's parents.
I hope someone could help me at least a little bit with this mysterios man Juho.

regards: Maija Kemi, Oulu

Karen Norwillo
08-10-05, 03:42
Maija, Do you have more information such as your grandmother's name, approx. date of birth for Antti and Matti? Antti's wife? Where were they from in Finland? I've found a few possibilities on Ancestry, but without more info, I'm not sure if they are yours.
Found on Boston Passenger List for 1909 and 1911, Juho Wiitanen, from Isökyrö, Finland, one says age 19, then next 21 or 28, one carpenter, one laborer. 1909, going to Fitchburg, MA, 1911 going to Rockport, MA. Says father Juho Wiitanen in Finland as nearest relative. ???Juho's son??Found a naturalization record for a John (Juho) Wiitanen in Hibbing County, MN. Found a WWI Draft Card for an Antti Wiitanen born Apr 1877, age 42, born Finland, miner, Butte, MT. wife Sofie in Finland. Thought possibly Juho's brother??1930 Census for Berkeley, CA has a Matti Wiitanen, 81, married at 41, Finland, to US 1874, naturalized. Wife Katie, 69, married at 29, Finland, 1889. Could this be Antti's brother??There are lots of Wiitanen's listed in MN, MA, MI. Karen

m. kemi
09-10-05, 22:13
Hi Karen,
I don't know anything else about this Juho Edward Wiitanen/Viitanen (b.1880 USA), only his father's name (Antti). I don't know his mother's name. Nothing about his siblings....
I know that there have been and are many Viitanen families in the USA but which is the right one.I think his parents were from northern part of Finland. My gmother Iida Maunula, nee Viitanen lived in Siikajoki and it is situated in north. Juho came to Finland probably with some relative(woman). He spoke finnish well, so I assume that Juho didn't live many years in the USA. He married Hilma Elisabeth Hummastenniemi in Siikajoki 1907.(Juho was 27 years old then.)
I was hoping that someone could give/find some hints for me to continue this research. Is there any records people leaving the country??...Juho's birth information??? Anything....??