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21-09-03, 20:18
Help! My grandmother was Anna Sophia AHL, b December 18. 1897 in Malax parish, Vasa; her father's name was AHL, mother's name UDD. I don't have birthdates or first names of her parents. The only AHL/UDD connection I can find is a marriage of August AHL and Helena UDD in 1863, and the timeline doesn't really work. In the Ellis Island records for Anna Sophia AHL her mother was S. AHL and her U.S. sponsor was aunt Hilda SUNDQUIST. Anna's brother Verner AHL came to the U.S. a couple of years after her, abt.1923. Rumor is there were so many children that my grandfather AHL allegedly committed suicide.

Kim McLaughlin
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09-01-04, 09:23

The above url shows the Finnish Immigration passenger information for one Anna Sofia Ahl who departed in 1921 for Eureka California. Her age of 24 corresponds with the birth year you have provided.
No August Ahl was found on this website.
Is there any other town in which she lived soon after she arrived?