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12-10-05, 19:30
A Query has come into the SFHS offices. He would like any information which would confirm that Herman Fant lived in Hoquiam, Olympia, and Port Angeles Washington (Ernest's grandmother was Albertina Fant). His brother Alfred Fant and Herman were believed to be instrumental in getting Georgia Pacific started in the Northwest. He believes that Herman August Fant wrote some articles for Norden News years ago.
You can write him at
Ernest A. Norlin
2330 Mayfair Dr.
Logansport, Indiana 46947-1229
Or I will be glad to send him anything which comes up. The SFHS staff has checked the Leading Stars and Norden News in the archive, but found no additional information.

June Pelo
12-10-05, 21:39
I saw a couple Fant names here:

Herman in Billings, MT
Lisa in Duluth, MN
Andrew in Eveleth, MN

Herman M. Fant here:

Albert Fant found here:

There was an Albert Fant who served in the Civil War in Mississippi!


Karen Norwillo
13-10-05, 03:50
On the Institute of Migration, I found an Alfred Fant, 18, left 01.11.1913 for Hoquiam. Arrived 14 Nov 1913 SS Mauretania. Says going to brother Gust Fant Box 88, Hoquiam, WA. Father Isak Fant in YtterMalaks, Finland. Also, found a Herman August Fant, born 1892, Maalahti, VAA. leaving 26.02.1910.Found a Gust Fant, 24, 613 Monroe St. Hoquiam, WA born 22 Dec 1892, "have taken first papers" from Malaks, Finland, a millman, single. This is from WWI Draft records.1920 census for Hoquiam Ward 4, Grays Harbor, WA, Gust H. Fant, 27, born abt 1893,Finn, US 1910. Hannah Fant, age 30, Finn, US 1910. Unfortunately, I could not see the whole image. I reported it to Ancestry. Hoquiam Ward 6, Fred Fant, age 23,born abt 1897, Finn, US 1913. Hilda Fant, age 23, Finn, US 1912. Again, couldn't see image. Fred (Alfred?) Karen

13-10-05, 10:10
Here are some references to Herman and Fred Fant in WA, located at the Genealogical Society of Finland Website.

Death Certificates of Finns in Pierce County, Washington, 1907-1947
FANT, CARL RUSSELL -- Born July 13, 1920, Hoquiam, Wash. Died Apr. 22, 1928, Tacoma General Hospital, Tacoma, Wash. Usual residence Aberdeen, Wash. Cause of death: encephalitis. School boy.Father: Fred Fant (b. Finland). Mother: Hilda Hendrickson (b. Finland). Removal to Aberdeen, Wash.

To the Memory of the Runeberg Choir's Visit to Finland June 1930. Those members who could not take part in the journey published a memorial booklet (written in Swedish). There is also a list of all the members which stayed in America with names, places of births and addresses. The booklet was printed in Tacoma, Washington.
Fred Fant |Malaks |Tacoma, Washington

Norden - lista över prenumeranter, 1940-41
Fant, Fred, Mr., 316 E. 21st St., Olympia, Washington
Fant, Gust, Mr., 719 N. Marion St., Olympia, Washington

Vasabladets jul- och nyårshälsningar 1952
Mr Mrs Gust Fant 215-W 5th st Port Angeles Wash. USA önskas god jul och gott nytt år av I. Fant och fam. Söderman och Svevar Malax.
Mrs Fred Fant 316 E 21 st Olympia Wash. USA önskas god jul och gott nytt år av I. Fant och fam. Söderman och Svevar Malax.
Fam. Reihold Granholm Sverige, Mr Verner Granholm 99 Second st Port Arthur Ont. Canada, Mrs och Mr Gust Fant 315-W-5th Port Angeles Wash., Mrs Alina Kretz med familjer 2631 Zueets ave Hoquiam Wash., Mrs och Mr Ralf Carlson 142 Wheeler ave Hoquiam Wash., Mrs och Mr Fred Mattlar 909 J st Hoquiam Wash., Mr Vilhelm Smulters barn med familjer samt övriga släktingar och vänner tillönskas en god jul och ett välsignelserikt nytt år av fam. Alina Granholm och barnen med familjer Malax.

Amerikaexpeditionen 1971
Namn | Namnalternativ |Född |Hemort i Finland | USA |Signum
Laggars Hilda |sen. Fant |1896 |Nykarleby lk |1912 |I43:2

Nykarleby lk Amerikaexpeditionen 1971
Namn Namnalternativ |Född | USA | Signum
Fant Hilda |Laggars |1896 | 1912 | I43:2


13-10-05, 11:50
The US GenWeb Archives provide genealogical and historical data
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Masonic Cemetery.
The cemetery was canvassed in 1979.
Information made available to the US GenWeb Archives by the
Olympia Genealogical Society.

Transcribed for the Internet and submitted by Jerri McCoy May 1998. ©1998 Jerri McCoy. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded.

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This is the largest cemetery in Thurston County, and is located at the intersection of North Street and Cleveland Avenue on the south side of Olympia.
FANT, Herman August |22 Dec 1892 |23 Oct 1962 |age 69, b Finland
FANT, Hilda B. | 01 Feb 1896 | 14 Sep 1978 |age 82, b Finland
FANT, Johanna K. | 23 Nov 1889 | 30 Nov 1962 | age 73, b Malax, Finland
FANT, Johannas Alfred | |16 Dec 1947 | age 51


15-10-05, 02:31
Your help is so appreciated!
I'll copy the material and mail it to him.

Karen Norwillo
15-10-05, 05:54
Syrene, I was able to view those census records completely today.1920 122 Chenault St Hoquiam
Fant, Gust and Hannah, he 27, she 30, US 1910, Finn, Swedish speaking, sawmill
A few lines down, Smulter, Johan, 57, married, US 1916, Finn, Swedish, wife, Stina, 62, 1916, Finn/Swede, daughter Jennie L, 20, single, 1916, Finn/Swede.
On One World Tree, Johanna Karolina Smulter b)23 Nov 1889 Malax, Finland, d)29 Nov 1962 USA
father, Johan W Smulter mother, Stina Kaisa Smått
1920 Hoquiam 2412 Cherry St
Fant, Fred, 23, married, US 1913 Finn/Swede laborer lumber yard
Hilda, 23, married, US 1912
Hendrickson, Sandra, sister, 22, single, Finn/Swede US 1912, clerk bakery
1930 Tacoma, 1227 Ridgeway Ave
Fant, Fred J, 34, married at 22, US 1913, supervisor veneer plant
Hilda B, 34, married 22, US 1912
Ralph A, 11/12, WA
WA Death Index
Ralph A Fant 31 Jan 1988 Tacoma, Pierce, WA. 58 yrs. old cert#3002893 Karen

Gunnel S
15-10-05, 16:22
Johan Wilhelm Smulter (b. 1862 in Malax, d. 1951 in Hoquiam, WA
married to Stina Kajsa Johan Henriksdotter Smitt (b. 1857 in Malax)
1. Ida Kristina Smulter (b. 1881 in Malax), married Johannes Gustafsson Gästgivars (b. 1871 Malax)
2. Johan Emil Smulter (b. 1882 Malax)
3. Wendla Marie Smulter (b. 1884 Malax, d 1949 Aberdeen), married Johannes Gästgivars (b. 1873 Malax, d 1954 Aberdeen)
4. Erik Wilhelm Smulter (b. 1886 Malax)
5. Anna Sofia Smulter (b. 1887 Malax)
6. Johanna Karolina Smulter (b. 1889, d. 1962)
7. Matilda Elisabeth Smulter (b. 1891 Malax)
8. Sanna Lovisa Smulter (b. 1893 Malax)
9. Isak Alfred Smulter (b. 1895 Malax, d 1897)
10. Aina Ulrika Smulter (b. 1897 Malax)
11. Jenny Linnea Smulter (b. 1898 Malax)

Who was Johanna Karolina married to?


Karen Norwillo
15-10-05, 18:34
Gunnel, Johanna or Hannah was married to Gust (Herman August ) Fant. Karen

26-10-05, 00:21
Found at Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center in Rock Island, Il

film PNW 22 Saron Lutheran Church records at Aberdeen (Hoquiam), WA

Herman August Fant, b. Malaks 12 or 2/22/1892, married 7/6/1918
Johanna Karolina Fant, b. Malaks 11/23/1889, married 7/6/1918
Lilly Solveig Ingeborg Fant, b. 5/3/1920 at Hoquiam WA
Nancy Ulrica Fant, b. 1/28/1925 at Hoquiam WA

I did not find Alfred Fant. He also was not a witness to the baptismal ceremonies.
The family came to Saron from Marshfield, OR (no Swenson film) and departed for Long View, WA (no Swenson film).

Fotocopies sent to Ernest.