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12-10-05, 19:52
another goody from Jack N:
In a town in Minnesota, the local fire department answered an alarm for a
chemical company which was burning. They could not seem to get ahead of the
flames and the building kept on burning.

The owner of the company said, "All our formulas are in a safe in the middle
of the building and we cannot operate without those formulas. I will give
$50,000 to anyone who recovers the safe!"

But still the flames kept gaining on them. About that time fire departments
from two neighboring towns joined in the battle, but could not tame the
fire. The owner announced "I will give $100,000 for the safe recovery!"

At that moment a siren was heard in the distance and an old fire truck
carrying 5 Swedish volunteers from a little town came roaring onto the
scene, speeding right past the bigger fire engines and well-equipped fire
fighters trying to put the fire out, and stopping right in the middle of the
burning building. They quickly fought the fire from the inside and got it
out. When it was over the owner announced that the small town firefighters
had done such a good job he was raising the reward to $200,000.

A local newscaster asked one of the Swedes what they would do with all that
money. Spokesman for the group, Ole Olson, said, "Vell, de furst ting ve
gonna do is get de brakes fixed on our fire truck!"