View Full Version : Johan Albert ORAJ─RVI, b. October 7, 1858 in Ívertorneň

21-09-03, 20:20
Looking for information about my grandfather Johan Albert ORAJ─RVI, b. October 7, 1858 in Ylitorneň (Ívertorneň). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1903. Where did he live? What was his profession? Where is he buried?

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10-01-04, 01:25
This guy is tough to locate! I first tried to find him at the finnish immigration institute but nothing there, neither in passport records or passenger records. So I thought maybe he slipped across the border into Sweden and left for America from there. Nope, he's not on the emigranten cd. So maybe he departed from Norway - no once again.

Is it possible that he used an older form of spelling his name in those days? I saw many Oravajńrvi names on the passenger/passport lists. Oh yes, he did not appear at Ellis Island either.