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17-10-05, 02:33
Hello to Everyone!

I am interested in finding any information on my great great grandparents from Finland and if there are any living relatives also!

Anna Maria Pada (b. 5-3-1875) married Johann Isaac Lolax (born 3-15-1879). I know that Johann was born in Wasa Lan, Finland and his parents were Johan Lolax (born January 1858) and Johanna Elisabeth Fant (b. 4-3-1859 d. 4-8-1946). I am unable to find anything on Anna Maria Pada's relatives or where she was born.

Johann Lolax was Anna Maria Pada's 2nd husband. They lived in Freshwater, California (near Eureka, CA) and had 10 children. The youngest child is my maternal grandmother, Helme Florence Liska (Lolax).

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you for your time.


17-10-05, 10:33
From the Institute of Migration, I found Anna Maria Pada listed in Passport Information (added comments in parentheses):

Last name Pada

First names Anna Maria
Other names Lans
Date of birth . .1875
Marital status 1 (1 = unmarried)
Religion Lut.
Occupation Piika (maid)
Home parish Koivulahti (also known as Kvevlax, in Swedish)
Province VAA
Passport date 03.06.1901
Passport number 1764
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks *

On the Ellis Island site passenger arrivals, there is a Maria Pada listed, arrived in NY on June 22, 1901. I don't know if the timing fits or not, but the age certainly does. Here's the information from www.ellisisland.org:

First Name: Maria
Last Name: Pada
Ethnicity: Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Hango
Date of Arrival: Jun 22, 1901
Age at Arrival: 25y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Lucania
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0025

The ship manifest indicates Maria Pada, a servant, was going to San Francisco, California to the home of her brother, J Prado, at 47 Sacramento Street.

If you visit www.genealogia.fi, you can review Finnish Cemeteries and find MANY grave pictures for people with the last name PADA. Perhaps you will find helpful names, dates and places there.


17-10-05, 13:09
From the Institute of Migration in Finland I found the following information from the passenger records:

Last name Pada
First names Maria
Age or age group 1N
Port of departure Vaasa
Place of destination San Francisco
State of destination CA
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 104
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 08.06.1901
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England 99.99.9999
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 17/15
Remarks *

(Age 1N = adult woman)

Christina Nordback

17-10-05, 13:50
From the Hiski database I found Johan born in Petalax.
Petalax - Petolahti - christened

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

10.3.1879 16.3.1879 Bdson Johan Jonasson Lolax Johanna Lisa Isaks:dr 19 Johan Isak

Could this be your Johan Lolax (from the Passenger records) ?

Last name Lolax
First names Johan
Age or age group 18
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Gladstone
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 259
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 04.04.1896
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England . .9999
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 3/42
Remarks *

Christina Nordback

22-10-05, 18:49

Wow! Thank you so much for that information on my relatives. Since I'm new to all of this, what exactly is the Institute of Migration records in Finland? And the Hiski database??

On the information you wrote about Johan Lolax, it says his mother's maiden name was Isaks. All the information i have is that her maiden name was Fant. That was a little confusing.

Do you know how i could obtain more information on Anna Maria Pada's parents?

Thanks again for your help. I very much appreciated it!


June Pelo
22-10-05, 21:41

Christina's data is correct: Isaks:dr = Johanna Lisa Isaacsdotter Fant was born 3 Apr 1859 in Petalax to farmer,son-in-law Isaac Jonasson Malm-Fant who married 3 Nov 1836 to Anna Greta Karlsdotter Fant, probably born 20 Nov 1821 to Carl Ersson Fant and Anna Greta. Isaac was a son-in-law on the Fant farm and took his wife's family name as his, which was customary at the time. HisKi shows Isaac and Anna had about 10-12 children.

HisKi is the website of the Genealogical Society of Finland and this project consists of church records of most parishes in Finland. It's an ongoing project and new parishes are being added all the time. You can take a look at their homepage: http://www.genealogia.fi
To access the Petalax records:


03-11-05, 06:25
Hello June!

Sorry I haven't responded earlier to your reply! We were on vacation for a week in Disneyland and just got back!!

I appreciate your help so much - I will definitely research more information on those websites you provided. I can't wait to try to find more info on Anna Maria Pada's ancestors!

Again, thank you.

Stephanie :)

William Dahlin
04-11-05, 00:13
Ellis Island Information

Beata Pada
Residence: Hango
Arrived: 1904
Age 57
Russian-Finish Hango
Dest: Tacoma Washington
To: cousin Jack Lundstein

The 1910 census lists Beata Pada age 65 = Born 1845

Ellis Island information age 57 1904 = Born 1847

I would agree that Beata Pada is Anna's mother. I have found no other inforrmation on the Pada family.

Wm Dahlin

02-04-06, 23:34
Sticking my big toe into the discussion, I am curious as to
whether there is a similarity or distinction betwen the surname
spelled Lolax and spelled Lojlax?

I know somebody out there has the answer. My deceased
sister's mother -in- law was Lydia Sofia Johansdotter Lojlax, b.
August 15, 1871, died January 24. 1930. Additional info



05-05-06, 22:40
Hello !
I´m not sure about this but I have an idea that Lolax comes from Vörå and south .Löjlax is a place outside Nykarleby towards Munsala
BR ,

06-05-06, 01:37
Thanks Bert

My deceased sister was married to the son
of Lydia Sofia Johansdotter Lojlax Klockars. I
agree that Munsala is the likely area.

06-05-06, 09:08
Hello again.
I have a lot´s of Klockars and Lojlax but I´m sorry ,nothing who fit in with yours what I had found so far.But I will try to find out if I had missed something later.
BR ,

07-05-06, 00:38

I was able to "go back" only one generation to the mother of
Lydia Sophia Johansdotter Lojlax to her mother, Lena Sophia
Jakobsdotter Lojlax. el. Svanbäck F. 3.8.1839 Från Peder-
söre. D. 10.4. 1907 She married Johan Johansson Pelat.el.
Lojlax. F.8.4. 1840, D. 3.3. 1903. They were married in
7.13. 1860. My nephews are known as Swanbeck, although
I think they would have a perfect "right" to use "Klockars",
the name of their great great grandfather, Karl Karlsson
Klockars, F. 1.12.1842. åHvit. Bonde å Klockars. He married
a nice lady named Maria Eliedotter Knuts F.6.12.1843,
D. 7.17.1901. They were married 7.18. 1869. If I under-
stand the name "Klockars" , someone back then was
responsible for ringing the church bell when it needed
ringing., no cellphones available...no Nokia. Another nephew,
cousin to Steve and Bob Swanbeck, works for Nokia in their
New York office.

June Pelo
07-05-06, 00:49
I noticed the discussion between Bill and Bert and the Swanbäck name caught my eye. I have Jacob Larsson Swanbäck, b. 1775 in Pedersöre, married 1801 to Beata Lena Johansdotter Granroth, b. 25 Dec. 1781, Pedersöre. They had 6 children but I don't have their names. Could they be the parents of Lena Sophia Jakobsdotter Swanbäck, b. 3.8.1839? I don't have any data on Jacob's family, but I do have a little about Beata's family - they're in my database on Talko.


07-05-06, 01:53
June and Bert

June, you asked whether Jacob Larsson Svanbäck and
Beate Len Granroth had children. IF I am reading my charts
correctly there seems to be at least one "offspring" named
Jakob Jakobsson Svanbäck born 6.1.1814 i Pedesore. and he
married a "nice local girl"named Brita Lena Andersdotter.who
was born in Pedesore in 1810 and for some reason they
married "late in life" she at 28 he at 24. They wasted no
time in starting a family because my nephew's great grand-
mother came along in August of 1839. They had a winter
wedding in 1838., but then again the sun barely rises in

William Dahlin
07-05-06, 16:23
1910 Census lists a:

Issac Lolax
age 32
b. Finland
Woodsman Logging Camp

Maria wife
age 35
b. Finland

Theodore Stepson
Age 6
b. California

Ellen dau
age 2
b./ California
Elsie dau

age 1 9/12
John E son
age 4/12
b. California

Beata Pada Mother in law
age 65
B. Finland

07-05-06, 16:41
Efterkommande till Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK
Sida 1
7 Maj 2006
1. Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK (f.1683;d.12 Nov 1743-Jakobstad)
ma: Anna Gabrielsdotter (g.4 Nov 1712;d.1734-Jakobstad)
2. Jakob Larsson SVANBÄCK (f.1722-Jakobstad;d.11 Jan 1765-Pedersöre)
ma: Elisabet Mattsdotter STRÖM (f.13 Okt 1726-Jakobstad;g.11 Maj 1746;d.17 Apr 1789-Pedersöre,Lillsandssund)
3. Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK (f.16 Dec 1747-Jakobstad;d.11 Jan 1818-Pedersöre)
ma: Margareta Andersdotter STEEN-SMEDS (f.8 Sep 1752;g.12 Nov 1772;d.19 Sep 1790)
4. Jakob Larsson SVANBÄCK (f.24 Mar 1775-Pedersöre;d.28 Mar 1833-Pedersöre)
ma: Beata Helena GRANROTH (f.25 Dec 1781-Pedersöre;g.22 Nov 1801;d.21 Feb 1833-Pedersöre)
5. Jakob Jakobsson SVANBÄCK (f.6 Jan 1814-Pedersöre;d.26 Jan 1884-Munsala)
ma: Brita Lena Andersdotter CEDERBERG (SMEDS) (f.25 Nov 1811-Pedersö;g.12 Nov 1838;d.16 Dec 1890-)
6. Lena Sofia Jakobsdr LOJLAX ELLER SVANBÄCK (f.3 Aug 1839-Staffansby Pedersöre kby;d.10 Apr 1907-)
ma: Johan Johansson LOJLAX (f.8 Apr 1840-;g.Pelat Munsala;g.13 Jul 1860;d.3 Mar 1903-L,Munsala)
7. Jakob Vilhelm JOHANSON (f.13 Jan 1861-Munsala;d.2 Jun 1881-Munsala)
7. Susanna Sofia JOHANSON (f.2 Mar 1863-Munsala;d.10 Sep 1868-Munsala)
7. Johan Magnus JOHANSON (f.1 Dec 1867-Munsala;d.26 Sep 1868-Munsala)
7. Karl* Johan Johansson JOHANSON ELLER LOJLAX (f.4 Mar 1871-Lojlax,Munsala;d.12 Jun 1936-)
ma: Anna Karolina* SUNDIUS (f.2 Okt 1869-Mariedal,Munsala;g.17 Mar 1895;d.22 Sep 1954-)
8. Karl Robert* Valdemar SUNDIUS (f.5 Jul 1895-Lojlax,Munsala;d.29 Jan 1978-Helsingfors)
ma: Mary Alma ASKOLIN (f.31 Aug 1902-Helsingfors;g.21 Mar 1929;d.14 Okt 1974-Helsingfors)
7. Lydia Sofia* SVANBÄCK (f.15 Aug 1873-Lojlax,Munsala;d.24 Jan 1930-Monå)
ma: Anders Karlsson KLOCKARS (f.5 Jun 1873;d.11 Mar 1919-Monå)
8. Arthur Johannes SVANBÄCK (f.19 Jun 1900-;d.Munsala Monå;d.15 Mar 1984-Monå,Munsala)
ma: Elna SEIPLAX (f.7 Jul 1907-;g.Seiplax;g.14 Jul 1929;d.3 Okt 1988-Monå,Munsala)

Efterkommande till Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK
Sida 2
7 Maj 2006

Efterkommande till Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK
Sida 3
7 Maj 2006
8. Anders William SVANBÄCK (f.24 Jun 1895-Munsala)
ma: Ellen FRANTS (g.27 Dec 1924)
8. Ellen Sofia SVANBÄCK (f.31 Jan 1898-Munsala)
ma: Karl FRILUND (f.1881)
8. Arthur Johannes SVANBÄCK (f.19 Jun 1900-;d.Munsala Mon;d.15 Mar 1984-) ** Skrivet på sida 1 **
8. Elis Otto SVANBÄCK (f.1 Sep 1903-Munsala)
8. Alma (Adele) SVANBÄCK (f.25 Jun 1907-Munsala;d.10 Feb 2001-Oravais)
ma: Alfred VEST (g.22 Jun 1930)
ma: Alfred VEST (f.9 Sep 1900-Oravais;d.15 Mar 1962-Oravais)
8. Axel Gunnar SVANBÄCK (f.12 Jul 1909)
7. Johanna (Hanna*) Maria SVANBÄCK (f.18 Dec 1875;d.18 Jan 1949-Munsala)
ma: Johan Pettersson NYSTRÖM (f.29 Maj 1874;g.13 Okt 1895;d.27 Sep 1907-Munsala)
8. Anna Hildur* Sofia NYSTRÖM (f.13 Nov 1895-Lojlax,Munsala;d.17 Dec 1942-Lojlax,Munsala)

Efterkommande till Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK
Sida 4
7 Maj 2006
8. Johannes Edvard* Johansson NYSTRÖM (f.2 Apr 1897-Lojlax,Munsala;d.21 Jul 1957-L,Munsala)
ma: Edit* Johanna SUNDQVIST (f.6 Aug 1903-Ollandt Munsala;g.3 Nov 1929;d.2 Jul 1979-)
9. Karl Bertel* NYSTRÖM (f.27 Apr 1931-Lojlax,Munsala)
8. Jenny* Maria NYSTRÖM (f.11 Jan 1905-Lojlax Munsala;d.15 Jan 1985-Lojlax,Munsala)
7. Amanda* Karolina LOJLAX (f.28 Aug 1879-Lojlax Munsala;d.20 Maj 1961-Munsala)
ma: Otto Josefsson BLOMQVIST (f.1 Sep 1878-Nykarleby lkm;g.26 Jun 1900;d.26 Nov 1909-)
8. Ester Maria Ottosdotter BLOMQVIST (f.19 Okt 1900-Lojlax,Munsala)
8. Arthur* Johannes Ottosson BLOMQVIST (f.26 Jan 1902-Lojlax,Munsala;d.31 Maj 1923)
8. Else Amanda BLOMQVIST (f.15 Feb 1904-Lojlax,Munsala;d.18 Mar 1904)
8. Anni Sofia Ottosdotter BLOMQVIST (f.3 Aug 1905-Lojlax,Munsala;d.6 Maj 1984-Åland Mariehamn)
ma: Jakob Robert Mattsson BJÖRKING (f.14 Jul 1900-Nyby Kantlax Munsala;g.5 Apr 1931)
8. Helmi Johanna Ottosdotter BLOMQVIST (f.21 Aug 1907-Lojlax,Munsala;d.30 Dec 1908-Munsala)
8. Helga Helena Ottosdr BLOMQVIST (f.2 Apr 1909-Lojlax,Munsala;d.27 Jun 1909-Munsala)
6. Kajsa Ulrika SVANBÄCK (f.1 Mar 1842-Pedersöre;d.10 Nov 1876-Munsala)
ma: Johan Jakob Johansson FÅGEL (f.1836;g.30 Nov 1858)
7. Anders FÅGEL (f.9 Feb 1860-Munsala)
7. Evelina Johanna FÅGEL (f.3 Maj 1870-Munsala)
7. Sofia Elisabet FÅGEL (f.3 Apr 1872-Munsala)
7. Maria Karolina FÅGEL (f.2 Aug 1875-Munsala)
3. Jacob Jacobsson SVANBÄCK (f.16 Okt 1749;d.6 Maj 1822-Pedersöre)
ma: Helena ÖSTBERG (f.8 Feb 1753-Kelviå;g.19 Dec 1776;d.18 Nov 1810-Pedersöre)
4. Helena Jakobsdotter SVANBÄCK (f.2 Maj 1789-Pedersöre;d.16 Apr 1854-Pedersöre)
ma: Anders Karlsson CEDERBERG (f.16 Nov 1788-Pedersöre;g.24 Jun 1810;d.16 Dec 1833-Pedersöre)
5. Brita Lena Andersdotter CEDERBERG (SMEDS) (f.25 Nov 1811-Pedersöre;d.16 Dec 1890-Munsala)
ma: Jakob Jakobsson SVANBÄCK (f.6 Jan 1814-Pedersöre;g.12 Nov 1838;d.26 Jan 1884-Munsala)
6. Lena Sofia Jakobsdr LOJLAX ELLER SVANBÄCK (f.3 Aug 1839-Staffa;d.10 Apr 1907-) ** Skrivet på sida 1 **
6. Kajsa Ulrika SVANBÄCK (f.1 Mar 1842-Pedersöre;d.10 Nov 1876-Munsala) ** Skrivet på sida 4 **

Edited by Hasse - removed too fresh data!!

William Dahlin
07-05-06, 17:00
1920 Census California

Issac Lolax
age 41
usa 1898
b. Finland

Maria wife
age 42
b. Finland

Theodore son
age 15
b. California

Ellen dau
age 12
b. California

Elsie dau
age 11
b. California

Edwin son
age 10
b. California

Oscar son
age 9
b. California

Ingrid dau
age 9
b. California

Ida dau
age 7
b. California

Ernest son
age 5
b. California

Eda dau
age 2 2/12
b. California

John Lolax
age 61
b. Finland
usa 1890 ?

Johanna E. Wife
age 60 ?
b. Finland

William Dahlin
07-05-06, 17:08
John Issac Lolax
b. March 15, 1879
Registration Card Local Board Eureka, California
Marie Lolax Wife
Freshwater, Calfornia
Tie Maker
Age 39

California Death Record

Anna M. Lolax
b. 3 May 1875
b. Finland
Death 25 May 1962
Humboldt County California

08-05-06, 17:19
A hearty "thank you" to June, Bert and Bill Dahlin for all
that good "stuff" you so generously sent along which
will keep me busy for quite a while in "transposing "
into "layman's language" for that segment of the family
not "versed" in genealogy formats. Very interested to see
some current dates of living relatives which should bring
a few more "dots" into the picture, waiting to be connected
and perhaps contacted what with all the good help the
Forum provides.

Tusen Tack

11-05-06, 08:16
Originally posted by bert
Efterkommande till Lars Jakobsson SVANBÄCK

Please remember that you must not enter detailed information about living individuals. Birthdates, addresses must be stripped out!! This is a security measure and required by law!

11-05-06, 15:28
Hello Hasse and other !

Sorry .I must have put in wrong file to the forum.I had one file where the people from
1900 was removed.Enlund, Dahlbacka and theyr families I have theyr permission to publish .