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June Pelo
20-10-05, 02:53
Does anyone have an idea where the Kaste name is found in Finland. I checked around, but found only one name - in Helsinki. I'm looking for Karl Kaste, b. 11 Feb 1888 in Finland, married to Hanna Augusta, b. 23 May 1885, Finland. Son Viktor Ensio, b. 23 Sep 1919, Finland.


Karen Norwillo
20-10-05, 17:11
June, I sent Jeanette some info. The only other Kaste I found on Emigrant Register was from Urjala, HÄM. There were several others named Kastegrén from Sippola, VII. Found Hanna and Victor's departure and arrival in Nova Scotia in 1929, Karl and Victor's deaths on the CA Death Index, but no sign of Hanna after arrival in Canada.Victor E was alive and living in Walnut Creek, CA until 2001. Karen

June Pelo
20-10-05, 19:03
Thanks, Karen. Jeanette has sent me some immigration records that she found for Hanna and Viktor. At least now we know that Hanna and her husband Karl Kaste and son Viktor were born in Finland and emigrated. I didn't find the Kaste name in HisKi, so perhaps it's a shortened version of another name.


21-11-05, 18:16
on the WW1 draft cards Karl state he was from Byvinkee Finland???? On the imgrant records it says that he was from
Hygonkaja Nurinjarvi ? Finland. His father is listed as
Juho Kuitunen . What horrible spellings, It may not be much

June Pelo
21-11-05, 22:35
Thanks, Alicia. I think Byvinkee would be Hyvinkaa. And it's possible Kaste was derived from another name. It all goes into the pot with other bits of info..


Jaska Sarell
22-11-05, 00:00
The GSF site has a list of name changes collected from official announcements in paperin 1900's. Ten changes to name Kaste appears, all others from different old names around Finland except two female persons in 1931.
Interestingly to the search in question, they both were from Hyvinkää, probably sisters. Both Elin Matilda and Tyra Elvira Nyholm changed the name at the same date.
Hyvinkää (Sw. Hyvinge) was part of Nurmijärvi until 1926, which explains Alicia's finding.

The above site is available only in Finnish at
It's rather simple to use in non-specific search by just entering either of these fields:
Vanha sukunimi = old surname
Uusi sukunimi = new surname

:) Jaska