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21-10-05, 15:06
Hello to everyone. New to this forum.
I am looking for information regarding my grandfather's family in finland. Sven Nikolai Saranpää born 1899 in Isojoki, came to Canada in 1920s, married and had 3 children, died in 1963. To our knowledge, after he immigrated to canada, he had no contact with his family. We have been told he came from a large family, can find no evidence of anyone even his father, Markku. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Thanks very much

22-10-05, 01:59
Hi Martin,
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Have you written to Isojoki parish where Sven was born?
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The following page has vocab translations to help with the address


22-10-05, 03:14
Thanks so much for your reply. I have contacted the parish who has sent my request to seinajoki ( they have the paper records pre 1970s) Nothing so far. I have also emailed every Saranpää I could find in finland ( about 60) Most have been very friendly and wished me luck in my search. At this point I am hoping someone can offer me suggestions as to something maybe I have missed.

22-10-05, 06:23
I see that his name was spelled Saarenpää on his passport, according to Institute of Migration. He was heading to Sudbury. Is there an Internet site of immigrants at the nearest Canadian port of entry?

22-10-05, 06:58
Thanks for your suggestion syrene. I didn't even think to look. Although somewhere, my mother and father actually have his passport still. I have been more focused on his beginnings in Finland and Family there. But maybe there is something to be found out here.

23-10-05, 17:35
The following person is buried in the Park Lawn cemetery in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Is she any relation? The transcriptions of the gravemarkers are at the library.

SARANPÄÄ, Ida Kaltiainen
Sudbury Park Lawn
Plot D 595

23-10-05, 18:12
Thanks so much for your reply. And hellllo from Thunder Bay. We have no records of my grandfather's family at all. Currently I am waiting for the parish in finland where my grandfather was born, to see if we can gather some more information ie brothers/sisters. This person may be related.
Thanks again

23-10-05, 18:17
Here are some Sarapaa immigrants to Canada. They are on the Library & Archives Canada website at :


Click on "Search the Database" and then enter the name and then click on the icon next to the name to get more details.

35 [Entry] Saranpaa Iivari 27 Fi 1927
36 [Entry] Saranpaa Lida 21 Fi 1929
37 [Entry] Saranpaa Saima 29 Fi 1927
38 [Entry] Saranpaa Vaino 26 Fi 1930

The films can be ordered (borrowed) from Library & Archives Canada via inter-library loan at a nominal cost.

02-11-05, 21:18
Thanks to all who have provided me with suggestions and info. I am still waiting to hear back from Isojoki parish. At least I have confirmed that they have received my request. Unfortunately, this is not their primary job( to do genealogical inquiries) I guess I will have to be patient and wait for them to have some time to deal with my case.
I know a lot of my grandfather after he came to Canada, but virtually nothing of his life, his family in Finland. The parish is the only way to access his family information ie brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles.
Thanks again and I will post when and if I hear back from the parish.
In the meantime, I look forward to hearing any suggestions.

06-11-05, 05:41
Hello Hello
So I have some news. It's just a beginning but I'm quite pleased.
I will give info first and then explain.
My grandfather's parents were:
Markus Tuomaanpoika KÖLLI or Saranpää
born August 20, 1841 in Tonnijarvi
Maria Sofia Jaakontytar Haapala
born April 20, 1857 in Karijoki on Hahkala farm
married in 1892
brothers and sisters:
Johannes 16/8/1874
Jakob 7/3/1876
Johann 25/8/1877
Nestor 20/2/1879
Sandra 25/11/1881
Konstantin 11/5/1883
Hilma Maria 23/1/1886
Mathilda Sofia 4/1/1888
Frans 1/5/1893
Elina 28/5/1894
?? 20/5/1896
Sven Nikolai 1/6/1899
I emailed a genealogy society in Finland near Isojoki asking for advice, not realizing that they would translate it into finn and post. Someone from Isojoki parish was kind enough to photograph the Communion ledgers and email to me. What a surprise!! This family went by either surname KÖLLI or Saranpää. Not sure why!!

06-11-05, 05:46
I should also add that I think My great grandfather Markus was married previously to I think Hedvig Lammi born 10/5/1848 in Saari. I think she was the mother to the older children.
Any info on any of my grandfather's siblings would be wonderful. So far I have only found Konstantin coming to America in around 1905. Nothing on him past 1920 I think.