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21-10-05, 14:15
Hello to all. I am on a quest to find out about my family history. I belong to the only Saranpää family in Canada. For many years we wondered if we were the only ones period. Now we find there are approx. 800 or so in Finland. Wow!
I live in a city with many people of finnish descent.
I am not quite sure what is protocol to write in here. What else would people want to know about me?

21-10-05, 14:25
Looking for family of Sven Nikolai Saranpää born 1899 Isojoki. Parents Markku and Maija kelli (we think). To our knowledge after my grandfather immigrated to canada in 1920s he didn't keep in contact with his family.
Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.

26-10-05, 23:48
Thanks to evryone out there who gave me some great suggestions. I am currently waiting to hear back from the church registry in Isojoki to see if there are any records of my grandfather's family. I wonder how long I should expect this to take? I guess as long as it takes to go through their paper records. Hopefully someone will have some answers for me.


27-10-05, 12:39
It is impossile to guess how long it would take. The people employed at the parishes in Finland are in general very helpful, but they are all overworked (and underpayed), and answering genealogical queries is not their main job, so be patient.


28-10-05, 01:18
I went to Isojoki and typed in the name and up came this guy:

25.2.1890 Itsell. Kaarle Konstant Heikinpoika Saranpää Karijoki

That was the moved out link so maybe you can follow him to Karijoki:)
We were in Thunder Bay a few years ago and enjoyed the food at that Finnish cafeteria. Finnish meat balls tasted just like the recipe in that Finnish cookbook but I forget the author's last name...and first one too:)

Chuck and welcome to sfhs!

28-10-05, 03:09
I found this entry and tried to follow him to Karijoki with no luck. The genealogy site is terrrific. Lots of information. I have looked at alot of stuff on there.

29-10-05, 01:32
After I wrote that about Karijoki, I thought to follow him also but unfortunately, Karijoki has their "moved in" info only up until 1828 while Isojoki's went as far as 1895. This guy moved in 1890. Still you could check other categories to see what will happen for you.
I think I will check right after writing this.
I went into the "all" category and still only got the one guy. So what happened?


Paivi T
29-10-05, 07:40
Hello and welcome to the list!

Noticing that you're from Thunder Bay, I just wanted to ask whether you know the Hilldale Lutheran Church in Thunder Bay?

The current Senior Pastor, Jari Lahtinen, comes from my old home parish, Oulainen (in Northern Ostrobothnia).

Päivi T

29-10-05, 15:20
Hi. Paivi, I know many people who go to that church. There are alot of finn people here and a few finn churches. Thanks.