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Hasse Andtbacka
23-10-05, 22:13
A friend of mine asks about his mother's father's two sisters:
Maria Pellfolk b. 17.1.1875 and
Maja Lisa Pellfolk b. 2.10.1882
both from Korsnäs. They emigrated to America in about 1908. The relatives in Finland lost contacts with them after a short time.

Any suggestion where to find these ladies?

Hasse Andtbacka

Karen Norwillo
24-10-05, 23:04
Hasse, Were the sisters single when they emigrated? On Ancestry there is an extensive list of Pellfolks on One Tree, but none of the birthdates match. Some are from Korsnäs and some from Narpes. What was their patronymic? That would help to eliminate some. Emigrant has a Maja Lisa Josefsdtr.Pellfolk who went to Sweden 15.5.1896. She is listed as a dependant lodgers daughter.There are several other Maria Pellfolk on Emigrant Register, but some are married and travelling with children. None in 1908. Ellis Island has alot of Pellfolk arrivals. Many went to Duluth, MN. Karen

25-10-05, 06:24
If you think they could have emigrated from Sweden, I could check the Swedish emibas database at the SFHS office for their names.

Hasse Andtbacka
25-10-05, 11:00
Their parents were Karl Karlsson Pellfolk b. 11.6.1824 and Sofia Mattsdotter Åbb b. 27. 12. 1842. They didn't marry before emigration.
It is possible that one of them went to Sweden first. The emigration year is 1908 +-1 year.

Hasse A

Karen Norwillo
25-10-05, 22:35
Hasse, Have you any idea where they were the last time family heard from them? I've checked Ellis Island, but despite the many Pellfolk arrivals, no matches.The one Maria arriving 1909 was too young, only 19. I checked Boston, Phila, Baltimore and NY arrivals for that time frame. I tried Karlsson also. There were 2 Pellfolk arriving 1905-1909 from Korsnäs, but wrong names. Most of them were from Narpes. The entries on One World Tree are all from Narpes.

Hasse Andtbacka
27-10-05, 08:02
There is a possibility that the sisters used the surename Mars or Maars. Their brother Karl Johan Pellfolk used that name when he was in USA (Duluth).

Hasse Andtbacka