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June Pelo
24-10-05, 19:00
I thought you'd be interested in the latest in this saga about John Swan and his wife Edla Maria Aaltonen. I received a message from Sven:

".. parish registrar's office in Helsinki called me on the phone to tell me she had located Edla Mariana Aaltonen, born 1 April 1877 (!) in Koski (!).

There was no record of her emigrating, so she was listed in this Helsinki parish (Markus) until 1956(!). After that year she was listed in the "missing persons" register until she finally was declared deceased on January 1, 1968. The kind
lady wanted to correct the information in the church records. I will send them copies of Edla's emigration and death records.

I will wait to get the date when Edla moved from Koski to Helsinki - which the lady promised to give me soon, as she did not have it available at the moment - and then write to the Koski parish registrar's office for what information they
will be able to supply."

We had been searching for her in Marttila, and didn't find her there. I checked and saw that Koski is a neighboring parish of Marttila - so we were close. And her birth year was given to us as 1876 and 1877. Now we'll hope to get more details. Strange that she emigrated without leaving a record.


24-10-05, 22:46
I am living in Tarvasjoki which used to be a part of Marttila as well as Koski was a part of Marttila

The place where I am working is located in Marttila.

So if there is anything I can do , please, let me know.

Juha Vuorela

June Pelo
25-10-05, 02:41

If you have access to church records for Koski, could you look for a birth record for Edla Mariana Aaltonen, b. 1 Apr 1877. And if you can find names of her parents, that would be greatly appreciated. We were told they could be Vilhelm Aaltonen and Wilhelmina Lelito/Lehto?.



25-10-05, 09:13
I have asked this information this morning!


June Pelo
28-10-05, 02:30

Have you checked your private messages lately?


Jaska Sarell
11-11-05, 21:52
June, surprise news for you!

Just thought of having a short look of her birth details while visiting the National Archives today.
Yes, Edla Mariana was born in Koski (earlier known as Koski TL) in 1 Apr 1877. She first moved to Kuusjoki in 1892, later returned from Porvoo (Borgå) in 1894, and finally moved to Helsinki in 1896. The surname Aaltonen appears first time in communion book 1887-96, and for her only.
The exact place of birth was Hongisto village, Mäki farm, Paltta cottage.

And now the surprise (for me anyway):
Her parents were
Enok Vilhelmi Kaaponpoika (earlier in Sw. Enok Wilhelm Gabrielsson) b. 5 Feb 1840 in Pertteli and
Ulla Miina Erkintytär (Ulrika Wilhelmina Eriksdotter) b. 17 Jun 1851 in Kiikala

Definitely one of my research areas :cool:

Quick calculation from my yet unorganized notes shows that Edla Mariana was my 3rd cousin 4 times removed, i.e. her MMF was my FMMMMMF's little brother :D

Quite an astonishment!
I'll send you the details as soon as I can enter them to my database.

Coincidentally our local genealogy society's magazine in Vantaa had this week a story about Ulrika Wilhelmina's mother's 2nd husband.

It's a small world and Finland is just a tiny spot there.

:) Jaska

12-11-05, 10:59
Not to mention that Einar is also my distant cousin as well is Jaska :)

Enok Wilhelm Gabrielsson's mother's ancestors are here:


I am just about starting to fill the gaps so be patience

12-11-05, 12:29
A person sent me a mp3 file from a recording in 1927, one of Einar Swan's compositions.

"W h i t e G h o s t S h i v e r s" (1927)

On the link below I entered a small portion of the recording so you can get a idea of the type of music he wrote. I guess these recordings still are for sale somewhere for those interested? I did some searches but didn't find any from the online music shops type iTunes.

Sample (http://finlander.eget.net/bilder/sample2.mp3)

June Pelo
12-11-05, 18:39
I have received an MP3 file containing a 1931 recording of Benny Goodman playing "When Your Lover Has Gone" - Einar Swan's most famous composition. If anyone is interested in hearing it, I can send it as an attachment to e-mail.


Karen Norwillo
12-11-05, 19:53
Thank you for that wonderful sampling of the song. How great!