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26-10-05, 12:33
Hi everybody,

In 1891 Johan Adam Portfors (1847-1923) a farmer in Overmark, Ostrobothnia, Finland emigrated with his eldest son Johan Fritiof (AKA Fred) (1873-1933) to the U.S.
Some months later his wife Anna Greta Back (1851-1895) with sons Karl Oskar (Charles Oscar) (1875-1971) and Erik Anders (AKA Andrew or Andy) (1886-1968) followed and they settled in Kenton, Michigan. Their daughters Anna Sofia (1877-?) and Lisa Johanna (1879-?) probably emigrated some years later.

In December 1891 Anna Greta gave birth to a son Franz A in Kenton. As it is known that Anna Greta sailed from Finland in august 1891 with her sons, it must have been a rather tough journey being pregnant.

Anna Greta passed away abt. 1895 in Kenton, Michigan.

Now Johan Adam probably got homesick and returned to his hometown in Finland, where he in 1896 married Anna Stina Valsaas (1861-1921). They got four children, Edit Alina (1897-?), Johan Emerik (1899-1918) ( killed in action during the battle of Tampere in the finish civil war), Johan Arvid (1901-1972) and Johan Anselm (1903-1976).

Johan Arvid emigrated to Canada abt. 1920.

During the beginning of the 20:th century brothers Fred and Andrew moved to Hanna, Alberta, Canada. Fred married teacher Arminthe “Minnie” Beatrice Esther Burrows (1889-1981) and Andrew, who was a farmer, married Majorie H. Warke (1909-?) in 1931, who also was a teacher.

In the U.S. Federal Census of 1930 you can find out that Charles Oscar was a manager in the garage industry in Clearwater, Idaho, where he lived with his wife Nina May Sanders (1886-1955) and son Francis, who was an auto mechanic (probably in their family business).

I´m searching for any additional information on the above Portfors-family in the U.S. and Canada.

26-10-05, 18:59
The Fred and Minnie Portfors family are in a book called "Lone Butte North". Here is a link to someone who will do a lookup for you.

If you do not have success, let me know and next time I go to the library, I can look it up for you.

Portfors from Alberta can also be found in local history books online at:

Hope this helps - Wilma.

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Thank you very much, Wilma

I check it right away !


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Kenton is not on my map - do you know the name of the county?


June Pelo
26-10-05, 22:07

Kenton is in Houghton County in the UP, on Rt. 28.


27-10-05, 00:53
I didn't recognize the Portfors name but checked to be sure and I was correct. That just means they were not members of a Swedish language church.

I see Kenton on my 1921 map. It's in the southwest corner of Houghton County, on the D.S.S. and A. line.

Chuck:) thanks June

27-10-05, 11:56
Hi Thomas,

At the Western States Historical Marriage Records Index
you will find listings for both Charles O. and J.F. Portfors.
On 31 Oct 1906 Charles O married in Melrose, Latah Co,ID.
On 11 Feb 1901 J F married in Troy, Latah County, ID.

On the Scandinavian Heads of household in the 1910 US Census Index were
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Bethel Cemetery, Latah County, Idaho
From Troy, Idaho, take the road to Kendrick. About mile post 7, turn to the right onto a dirt road. Cemetery is at the top of the hill.
Row 4 Has a listing for MOSHIER William E. Born Sept. 1, 1822 Died Apr. 20, 1899 Age 76 yrs, 7 m's & 19 D's who may be J F Portfors wife's father

This link may be of some help


27-10-05, 12:48
WWI Draft Registrations
Portfors, Charles Oscar | 31 Jul 1875 | W |naturalized citizen | Clearwater ID

I didn't locate any Portfors on the 1911-1951 Idaho Death Index

Houghton Co., MI -- General Land Office Records - 1807-1907
John Portfors is registered as purchasing 160.00 acres on 1895/07/17


27-10-05, 15:35
Thanks Jeanette,

This is from ancestry.com:

Pearl E. MOSHIER was born Feb 1885 in Anthony, Harper Co., Kansas.
She was the daughter of James Ernest MOSHIER and Olive Delilah HERBERT. She married J. F. PORTFORS 11 Feb 1901 in Troy, Idaho.


Pearl was listed living with her mother, Olive Miller, in Kellogg, Idaho, in 1910.
A Pearl Miller married Lorin Lane, in Nampa, Idaho, 28 May 1930.

Olive and the children were listed without James, in the 1900 Census of Troy. James was a gold miner, and was evidently away from home, and had difficulty providing for his family. Olive filed for divorce, in May 1903. Jame’s response to the court summons was a profanity. He failed to appear in court; and in the 1910 Census of Florence, Idaho, James, living alone, listed himself as [still] married .

1900 Census: Troy, Latah Co., ID. ED 68, sheet 10.
[In the household of Benedict Brown]
Olive Moshier servant Apr 1867 33 IL PA PA
Pearl E. boarder Jul 1885 15 KS OH IL
Leona G. " Mar 1887 13 " " "
Harry M. " Aug 1889 10 " " "
Hazle " Jan 1897 3 " " "

1910 Census of Kellogg Village, Shoshone Co., ID, ED 253; Sh 6b [image 12.]
Olive Miller 43 [marr 25] [ 5 ch/5 living] IlL Oh Penn
Pearl 25 KS Oh Ill
Gladys 23 " " "
Harry 20 " " "
Hazel 13 ID Oh Ill
Fay 4 ID OR IL

Interesting !!

01-04-15, 19:36
I can help with the Portfors family. I am the youngest grandchild of Charles Oscar Portfors (Karl Oskar). He was called "Charlie."

Charlie moved west from Michigan and settled in Idaho. He was a timber cruiser and then a homesteader. In 1918, he entered a partnership in a Ford dealership and garage in Orofino, Idaho. Before long, he was sole owner of the business. In the 1940s, Charlie retired and his son, Francis Albert ("Porkie") Portfors entered into ownership of this business with two others.

Charlie married Nina Mae Sanders (also Saunders) on October 31, 1906. They had two children: Francis Albert (1907-1996) and Muriel Dorothy (1909-1997). Francis married Sara K. Huttenan in 1933. They had no children. Dorothy, my mother, married Fairly Walrath in 1929. They had four children. Fairly was killed in a woods accident in 1945. Dorothy married Vance Dobson in Orofino on 7 Dec 1947. I am their only child.

Charlie died in Orofino on 24 Dec 1971 at the age of 96. His wife, Nina, died at St. Joseph Hospital in Lewiston, Idaho, in May 1955.

I don't know if Charlie maintained contact with his father. He and his brother Andrew were good friends and visited frequently. We were also in touch with Fred's widow Minnie and three of their seven children --sons Aurie and Melvin and daughter Myrtle Stewart.

This is just a quick answer. If you desire more information, I can try.

Kathy Dobson Warnock
Clarkston, WA, USA

June Pelo
01-04-15, 22:16
Today a Joanne Dyck on Facebook posted a query.. she's looking for relatives of Johan Adam Pörtfors.

02-04-15, 12:18

You can send an e-mail to my private address: thomas (at) portfors.com if you like to exchange some information. It is a while ago I was active with my genealogy project, but there is almost certainly gaps to be filled.
I´ve met Andrew's son and his wife who visited Stockholm abt. two years ago...

Thomas Pörtfors
Stockholm, Sweden