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June Pelo
29-10-05, 03:18
Does anyone know if Jean Sibelius' wife Aino Järnefelt had a sister named Sylvi? Would she have been still alive in 1978? My search reveals that a Sylvi was friends of the Järnefelt sisters, but I don't find her name listed as one of the family.

Was there a Finnish Arts & Culture Community in Finland in the 1890s which would have included the Sibelius and Järnfelt families?


Paivi T
29-10-05, 08:33
A list of the Järnefelt siblings appears on this page:


Here's that specific family:

August Alexanders och Elisabeths barn:

Kasper 1859-1941
Arvid 1861-1932
Erik (Eero) 1863-1937
Ellida (Liida) 1865-85
Ellen (Elli) 1867-1901
Armas 1869-1958
Aino Sibelius os. Järnefelt 1871-1969
Hilja 1873-79
Sigrid (Siiri) 1875-76

There doesn't seem to be a Sylvi among them.

Päivi T

Jaska Sarell
29-10-05, 19:26

Perhaps you refer to August Alexander Järnefelt's brother Klas Erik Järnefelt's granddaughter Sylvi Eva Emilia Järnefelt, born ------------.

:) Jaska

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June Pelo
29-10-05, 20:30
Hi Jaska,

Good to have you back online again. :) It's possible that the Sylvi I'm referring to could be the granddaughter of Klas Erik Järnefelt. Do you have any further information such as her parents and her death date?



Jaska Sarell
29-10-05, 23:14
Hi June,

Thanks, the season has definitely changed :(

One source gives this lineage:
1. Klas Erik Järnefelt 3 Feb 1831 - 27 Feb 1889
+ Ida Emilia Ottelin 25 Nov 1834 - 5 Feb 1910
2. Klas Filip Järnefelt 12 Nov 1863 - 4 Nov 1946
+ Alma Elinda Maria Neovius 29 Sep 1869 - 4 Aug 1961
3. Sylvi Eva Emilia ----------- - ?

:) Jaska

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