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30-10-05, 17:17
Do you have any suggestions on how to trace my great grand-father? I have the following information, but nothing on his family in Finland.

Isak (Isaac) Haanpaa, b.1-1-1880, Tuomikyla Finland, emmigrated april 1903 thru port of Hanko, d. 1-25-1970 Virginia/Cherry MN.

As this marriage occurred in the US I believe...I don't think it will help, but>>>>He was married to: Susonna (Sanna) Katri Pihlaja, b 2-28-1879, Ilmajoki Finland, emmigrated Jan. 1903 port of Hanko?, d. 2-7-1958 St Louis County, MN. (She was the daughter of Matti and Sanna Pihlaja. They also had emmigrated to the US.)
Thank you for any help!

30-10-05, 18:15
I believe your Isaac is also from Ilmajoki. His passport record (?):
Last name Haanpää
First names Isak
Other names *
Date of birth . .1880
Marital status 1
Religion Lut.
Occupation Itsell. pka
Home parish Ilmajoki
Province VAA
Passport date .02.1903
Passport number 0
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by HKO
Remarks *

and passenger record:
Last name Haanpää
First names Isak
Age or age group 23
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Virginia
State of destination MN
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 349
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 04.02.1903
Ship from England St. Paul
Date of departure from England 14.02.1903
Ocean Line American Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 22/25

There is a village called Tuomikylä in Ilmajoki. The records are not, unfortunately, online in Hiski for Ilmajoki for that period but I hope there is someone else on the list who might be able to help more.

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30-10-05, 20:02
I have both cities/villages listed for him...so what you say makes sense.
I have not been able to trace anything beyond the passport regarding family of origin however as I do not have his parents names, etc.?
Thank you to all for your help! How do I send in a membership...$$ contribution?

29-11-05, 06:51
I dug through my moms file cabinet and found a couple of leads on information!
My grandfather wrote a letter, stating his grandparents names were Sam and Mary (Isak's/Isakki/Isaac parents). He also wrote that Isak left one brother in Finland who lived to be 93!! When my great grandfather died, my grandfather wrote to his cousin...the daughter of my greatgrandfathers brother...to tell her of the death. That is when he rec'd the postcards that I posted on the photo site! I do have a name and address, and believe that she would have passed away herself by now...but hesitate to post that information here without knowing for sure after reading the cautions about living relatives.
What would be your suggestions on how to proceed?
I do not know her fathers name...only her married name, etc.
Thank you!
p.s....I also found out that Katarina SAukkola Backman...was possibly Kristina Saukkola Backmann. Her husband John/Jaako died of cholera during an epidemic? She did leave a sister behind in Finland...possibly OUlu?...about 1890 emmigration through Canada we believe to Sault St Marie with children Ida and Jaako.

29-11-05, 09:02
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Thank you to all for your help! How do I send in a membership...$$ contribution?

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