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K-G Molander
23-09-03, 03:27
Greetings to all!

I was born in Kronoby, Finland. My early years I spend in Påras untill I was 19. Then I moved to Borlänge, Sweden where I stayed 8 years. My work took me to Malmö and I got married and stayed a few years. In 1979 I moved to Salt Lake City and in 1998 to Hermiston Oregon where I am just now.

I have one brother living in Borlange Sweden. I have two sons. My mother ones said, "we are a family poor on children".

In 1984 not much genealogy was available in Kronoby. When I visited my mother that year she said that my dad and her used to sit on graveyards drinking coffee. This because I had earlier mailed them my genealogy and they were going around looking up places.

A few years later on my visit much was different. People worked with genealogy everywhere and printed material began to show up. I hope my database will be of help to some of you.
God bless you all.

23-09-03, 08:32
... and thanks once more for the gedcom.

This maybe the time when I should mention that the "old" ahnentafel & angraf material will be replaced with a new database. The database is now being test run and will be announced shortly. Finlanders who submit their research (gedcom) to the database will be sent passwords, all others will have access to the pedigree information part only. Quite much like before - but this means an easier way of maintainig the data and a better tool for the researchers.

The database now contains some 200.000 individuals, partly doubled individuals since many of us are related. - Since the data in the database is from working copies of the researcher's own database we should always try to verify the data from primary sources if possible - or take it up to discussion on the Finlander.

If you want to access the whole database as an aid in your own research you may take part in the "talko" and submit your gedcom. If you have problems doing this, inform me and we'll see what can be done.