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02-11-05, 01:58

I am asking if anyone can help me to trace the American period of two brothers Ahlskog, who were in Coos Bay area, Oregon, in the 1880’s and 1890’s, and then returned to Finland. They originated from Gerby (Korsholm/Mustasaari) near Vasa. The brothers are:

1) Johan (21/12 1859 - ?), married 29/5 1882 Maria Johansdr. Sparf.
Children: Edla Maria 3/9 1882

2) Mathias (a.k.a Mats, Matt,…) (12/11 1863 - 27/7 1932) married 1895, back in Finland, Edla Flygar.

I am especially interested in Mathias, my great-grandfather. A third brother, Wilhelm, became US citizen. Wilhelm emigrated in 1887 and went also to Oregon where he settled down (Coos County). His life since then is described in the “Centennial History of Oregon” from c. 1912.

3) Wilhelm (17/4 1869 - 1/8 1942) emigr. to USA. married. 11/5 1901 Marie Dahl (13/5 1869 – 17/1 1931). Children: Adopted two brothers by the name: Sigvald (Sigfrid A. ?) Smith & Walter Smith (?).

We know/presume the following:
Johan married in 1882 Maria Sparf and, probably, in 1882 Mathias went abroad, perhaps together with Johan. It is said that Mathias worked on a dairy farm in the USA. We know that by 1895 he was back in Gerby where he married the daughter of a farm owner. Johan must also have been back by then (his daughter returned to the USA). So we are rather certain that Mathias was in the U.S for 13 years. We know that he was, and Johan also, in Oregon since we have photos of them where on the backside of both of them is the text “McMillan Bro’s, Marshfield, Oregon”. The main task is therefore to find some details about where and what Mathias and Johan might have been doing during their American years.

Finally I would point out that besides Mathias, my ancestor was also known as Matias, Mats, Matts, or Mattis. I do not know which is the correct version.

Karen Norwillo
02-11-05, 18:40
Markus, Not much luck with finding Johan and Mathias, but found alot on Wilhelm (William).
1900 Census Coos River, Coos, OR
Ahlskog, William, boarder, 31, single, Finland
1910 Lake Precinct, Coos, OR
Ahlskog, William, 40, married once, 8 yrs. US 1888, Finn, farmer
Ahlskog, Mary, 40, married once, 8 yrs, US 1898
Smith, Walter W, 8, nephew, NJ
Nabb, John I, 46, partner, married once, 15 yrs, Finn, US 1888
Nabb, Anna B, 52,wife of partner, married twice, Finn, US 1894
Ahlskog, Edna A, 27, niece, Finn, US 1903
Smith, August S, 9, nephew, NJ
1920 N. Slough, Coos, OR
Ahlskog, William, 50, US 1887, nat. 1896, Finn/Swede, farmer
Ahlskog, Mary, 50, US 1898, Finn/Swede
Smith, Sigfried A, 18, nephew, NJ, farm laborer (August S?)
Smith, Walter W, 17, nephew, NJ, farm laborer
So at least this info confirms and fills in some of the blanks on Wilhelm. Karen

Kay Voth
02-11-05, 21:39
I will write to my friend in Helsinki and ask her what the name of the Smith's were that she knew up Coos River. There were many of them of course, but I do know some were Finnish... I live just around the "bend" from Coos River farming country..

Karen Norwillo
03-11-05, 22:17
I found the Smith brothers on the 1930 census also.
S. Slough, Coos, OR Oregon White Cedar Logging Camp
Smith, Walter W, 27, single, NJ, loading engineer, log. camp
N. Slough, Coos, OR
Ahlskog, William, 61, married at 30, Finn, dairy farmer
Ahlskog, Mary, 60, married at 29, Finn
Smith, Sigfred, nephew, 28, single, NJ, farm laborer
SSDI- Sigfred Smith, born 22 May 1901, died Mar 1985, Bothell, King, WA, SS issued OR.
I found a Mary Ahlskog in the CA. Death Index, born 15 Nov 1869 other country, died 27 Sep 1942, Los Angeles County, father's surname: Osterback. Age is about right, but not sure if it's the right Mary.

18-11-05, 23:51
North Bend OR 1908
#142 William Ahlskog from Mustasaari Vasa, b. Apr 17 1869, bapt Apr 1869, conf 1884 Arr from Finland
#143 Maria Gustafsdotter Johannesdahl from Replot Vasa, b. 1868, bapt 1869, conf 1885, arr from Finland
#225 Carl Eric Nabb from Replot Vasa, b. June 14 1871, moved to Marshfield [now called Coos Bay] 1888. married August 31, 1913 to
#226 Edna Maria (Ahlskog) wife, from Korsholm Vasa, b. Sept 13, 1882
#227 son Carl Berhnard born North Bend Coos County OR on Feb 20, 1916
#48 Johan Hak Nabb born Replot on May 24, 1863, bapt 1863, rec'd sept. 1, 1908, arrived from Finland 1887
Anna Beata Nygård from Replot, b. Aug 19. 1857, bapt 1857, rec'd Sept 1, 1908, arrived from Finland 1894, [?married? 1894?]

18-11-05, 23:55
Wilhelm Ahlskog "utisluten" of Marshfield OR age 31

Book of Ministerial Acts for Marshfield and North Bend Congregations, dated from August 14, 1913: Funerals
Jan 20, 1931 Mrs. Marie Ahlskog died Jan 13, 1931 at Hauser OR at age 61 yrs, 8 months, 4 days. Not a member of the church

July 31, 1936 Emil Smith
August 5, 1942 William Ahlskog diedAug 1, 1942 in Hauser OR of age 73 not a member

[My note: no record of marriages in the 1913 + book for Ahlskog, Nabb or Smith]

This is all we have in SFHS archvies.

19-11-05, 07:56
The marriage date for John Nabb and Anna Nygard
-- 21 Sep 1895
can be found at Coos County Genweb site

There are also links to photos of the area around 1910.