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02-11-05, 11:24
Do anyone know anything about these family.
Erik Jakobsson Ena or Jacobson b.10/12 1872 in Esse Finland d. 5/10 1917 in Aukland New Zealand. Emigrated from Finland to Amerika and forward to New Zealand.
Married to
Margit Ena or Jacobson
Alice born in New Zealand
Erik born in New Zealand

Eriks parents
Jacob Eriksson Ena b. Jofs b.25/2 1846 in Esse Finland d. 4/4 1917 in Sidnaw Michigan USA.
Anna Lisa Mattsdotter Ena b. Mård b.16/1 1850 in Esse Finland d. 29/3 1938 in Esse Finland.

I am interesting of any information.

Henrik Mangs

June Pelo
02-11-05, 21:10
Jaska Sarell has Anna Lisa Jacobsdotter Mård, b. 16 Jan 1850 in his database. Have you checked Talko to see if there is any more data about her?


02-11-05, 21:42
Thank yoy I will chck it.
Henrik Mangs

Jaska Sarell
02-11-05, 23:52
Since my Talko entry, I've added Jakob Eriksson Jåfs to my database [from someone else's Talko data I guess]. He's my FFF's 2nd cousin, and I'm always interested in the descendants of his MMF (= my FFFFFF) Matts Eriksson Påvals (1755-1836).

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
03-11-05, 07:49
I know that the family still living here has a lot af contacts with emigrated relatives.

03-11-05, 17:14
Hello !
I think Lars Forsén in Ytteresse would have more details about this family.I have data about siblings to Erik "Eirik" Ena ,Matts Jacobsson,and descendants to him.It´s another branch for sure but if you are interested I could forward it .
BR. Bert

03-11-05, 19:04
Here is where Sidnaw is in the UP. Too far away from any Swedish church and I didn't find him, Eriksson, on my dbase.

http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?ovi=1&zoom=2&mapdata=RwuiQHYj5qkDmFExKkDa6gLPpjrLZlIwvLvMY7wDQk YV%2fX3br9xzLy%2bKCfsQ%2f7KH8lcUUy4bOandUAMKy7FU0v 6im8dYfO%2fTlo%2fSVsRe7uYfLmIkU2o8znfrkqqBFC4d7WNP 5IzOmc4GRyGaWGOz7rTa5F994alX3X6hjglU2%2bzekVIOttsZ lWRTTba%2bNIumGlpGyMAAShU1jhv%2fzticls5UH0S8Apfbgw 1e6cuJfs17ByYdja3cufiWbkdxupuix%2faGB60PBeHuxvNMxq mBmA9KTB0xsadRrpHuvCEb4gj6sU5Vs20sG9SJUol%2bSXunMr SbVilwwWf9gvQB6Xp4JT8fttZF0%2f79D01BkPbaq5HJbMbZz5 OOrbEwGK1Kk7UmzfIvwp3g%2bkGasoCVfkAgNGeT8uTEsMWwV5 RkXUSA3eMg3VesQOxwkaolfu%2fwBROHmHP8UARnO0NtsLU%2f 7fuq2VYFZFOKDZymc7JsMB1fujMkCpYgXyHE6wYgDV1Rm57swX p%2fhZfEsnxdDDsVRUd2OPkY58u8DwTz9%2bS7Erb7gJ4wb%2f 10VyyC0o48xYxvNtT6fzP3s95%2b8Hg%3d#map1-link

EDIT: I think this software won't handle the long long url - the above result got me into Nebraska:)
This is how to do it. google for sidnaw, michigan, then select the MAPQUEST MAP, do not use google map because I've tried it a couple times before and gotten an image which did not place the name of the town that I wanted - what is google thinking?
Then with mapquest, select the next value below where it is and you will see the western half of the UP and can readily see that this little burg is not close to a town with a Swedish church.

Kaj Granlund
08-11-05, 08:32
Checked with the family here in Esse. They know nothing and the relatives in USA that they have contacts with know nothing either about those that went further to New Zealand.

June Pelo
08-11-05, 22:48
Here's some interesting articles about Finnish emigrants to New Zealand.





Only some 1,500 - 2,000 Finns have migrated to New Zealand. Early arrivals were mariners who formed scattered coastal settlements. The main Finnish inflow was in the 1950s and 1960s when the growing pulp and paper industry imported Finnish technology. Groups of Finns and their families were recruited by New Zealand Forest Products Ltd. The majority went to Tokoroa and Kawerau where they found the conditions bleak, but they quickly adapted. A sauna was built and sports and cultural activities were organised by the Finnish club. Some chain migration of friends and relatives followed. By the 1970s second-generation Finns had been assimilated, and the Finnish club closed in 1984. Today the majority of Finns live in Auckland, which has an active Finnish society.


Jaska Sarell
08-11-05, 23:56
The above mentioned book by Olavi Koivukangas of the Institute of Migration about Finns in New Zealand doesn't list Erik Jakobsson Ena or Jacobson.
Perhaps because he didn't go there directly from Finland (?).

BTW. Are there many "kiwis" in our forum?

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
01-12-05, 13:44
I have got information about the living descendants in New Zealand now. The local families in Esse have been able to trace their relatives.

01-12-05, 15:11
Jag skall kontakta B-E Johansson
Henrik Mangs