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02-11-05, 11:28
Markus Ylikotila migrated from Finland to Australia in the 1970's.

He has 1 half sister, 2 sisters and 3 brothers most of whom are older than him (I think)

all info welcome.
Genpals2003 elstveit*hotmail.com

09-11-05, 12:22
I have more info about Markus Ylikotila, he was born **********************.
He went to Australia in the 1970.
Who can help me ,who has info about him.
All info welcome


Personal information removed/Hasse

09-11-05, 21:58
I would like to remind you that we cannot and must not discuss too private and personal information about living persons on the forum without the consent of the persons mentioned. Therefore I have removed the birth year information from one of the previous messages.

If somebody has more personal information about the "wanted" person in this message thread please communicate the personal information through the PM messaging of this forum.

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